moreau policiesMoreau Catholic High School has selected SportPacks as the official vendor for Marinerwear, where parents can purchase the new “Appearance Code Approved” apparel. *

* Students are allowed to wear previously purchased outerwear with the Moreau Catholic logo, including Class of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 sweatshirts.


In keeping with its mission statement, Moreau Catholic High School expects its students to demonstrate good taste and modesty in their appearance, as appropriate to an educational environment.

School approved apparel fosters the idea that a student’s uniqueness derives from within, not from his or her appearance. In addition, dress regulations contribute to a positive school learning environment and lend dignity and pride to the school community.

The school administrators, in consultation with the Principal, have ultimate responsibility and authority for all issues pertaining to the appearance code.

Apparel choices for all students:

1) SHIRTS: Approved unaltered polo shirts with the Moreau Catholic logo. Color options include dark green, black, graphite, and light stone. Polos must be buttoned to four inches from the top of the shirt collar and fall below the waistband when seated. Approved unaltered long-sleeve polo shirts with the Moreau Catholic logo are optional.

2) PANTS: Cotton twill long or corduroy pants fitted at the waist. Pants that are “sagging” are not acceptable. Shorts must be cotton twill and fitted at the waist and must fall four inches above the middle of the knee or lower. No jeans or leggings allowed.

3) SKIRTS: Cotton twill skirts fitted at the waist and must fall four inches above the middle of the knee or lower. Leggings and tights under skirts are acceptable if the skirt is four inches above the knee. Approved polo must be worn with the skirt.

4) OUTERWEAR: Only approved, unaltered Marinerwear sweatshirts and hoodies are allowed.

5) SHOES: Shoes must have backs or back straps. No “slides,” slippers, backless shoes, or heels above two inches allowed.

6) HAIR must be well groomed and no inappropriate hairstyles will be allowed. If any question, a Dean will decide whether a particular style or hair color may be worn. Male students are allowed neatly trimmed beards and/or goatees.