In preparation for graduation and the graduation program, we invite seniors who have received academic, athletic or other merit-based awards and scholarships from the colleges or universities to which they have applied, to submit them for inclusion in the graduation program.

In order to meet the publishing deadlines, scholarship and award submissions must be received no later than Wednesday, April 17th.

Please follow the two-step process to submit award and scholarship information:

  1. Photocopies of the academic, athletic or merit-based award letters must be submitted to Mrs. Capurro, in the Main Office, by April 17th.
  2. Students MUST complete the Post-Graduate Survey on Naviance Student by May 4th, indicating any academic, athletic or merit-based awards/scholarships they have been offered. Please indicate which ones were accepted. The survey is located under the “About Me” tab in Naviance Student.

Space limitations in the program may prevent us from listing every award submitted, so please prioritize your submissions. Awards based on merit from businesses may also be included.

Please note: Only specific Moreau Catholic High School sponsored awards and scholarships will be announced during the commencement exercises.

**It is MANDATORY that all seniors complete their post-graduate survey on Naviance Student in order to complete their graduation requirements and have their final transcripts sent to colleges and universities. Please, ALL questions MUST be answered in the survey.**

Questions regarding transcripts or college plans should be directed to their Counselors.