Send checks to:

Moreau Catholic High School
27170 Mission Boulevard
Hayward, CA 94544-4194

Call Colleen Kelly at 510-881-4322

Donations of appreciated stock may be a tax-wise way to make a contribution. You may be able to make a larger donation than with a cash contribution and these gifts usually provide savings on capital gains taxes. Depending upon your individual tax situation, you may receive an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stocks. Be sure to discuss this type of donation with your financial advisor or broker.

In order to facilitate the transfer of securities, please have your stock broker contact Moreau Catholic’s stock broker, Rob Cummins at UBC Financial Services, at 800-950-5531. Additional information to provide to your broker includes:

Clearing number: 0221
Client Name: Moreau Catholic High School
Account Number: FK 37883 80

Please contact Colleen Kelly at to notify us of your gift and indicate any special instructions.

*Publicly traded securities – Gifts of stock and other publicly traded securities will be valued at the mean of their market values on the date the donor relinquishes control of the securities. Neither losses nor gains realized by the sale of the securities after receipt, nor brokerage fees or other expenses associated with the transaction are to affect the value recorded. The policy of Moreau Catholic High School is to immediately sell all donated securities.

Wills, Trusts, and Planned Giving

Future improvements and ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the Athletics and Student Activities Complex can be addressed by visionary donors who plan ahead.

Please include Moreau Catholic High School in you estate plans. Inclusion in your will can take several forms:

  • Designate a specific amount to be directed to Moreau Catholic High School.
  • Designate a percentage of your estate to be directed to Moreau Catholic High School.
  • Designate the “remainder” portion of your estate that is left over after all other obligations and provisions have been addressed.

For document preparation, please use the legal title of the school: Moreau Catholic High School.

Professional financial advisors can provide you with additional estate planning options that are appropriate for your individual situation. Be sure to contact your own financial advisor or attorney to discuss any implications a charitable contribution may have on your taxes and estate.

Matured Life Insurance Policy

If you own a paid up life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purposes, you may donate the policy to the donation programs by transferring ownership to Moreau Catholic High School. Generally, the donor will be entitled to an income tax deduction for the cash surrender value. Discuss this option with your insurance agent or financial advisor.

Real Estate

Given the dynamic real estate market over the past several years, a donation of real estate may be beneficial to you. Moreau Catholic will consider on a case-by-case basis accepting the gift of a home, vacation property, condominium, rental units, undeveloped land, or other real estate.

To discuss donations of real estate, please email Kim Young, Director of Finance, or call 510-881-4317.

At Moreau Catholic High School, one of our pillars is “Being Family” and that is what we are, a community of faith and family. In this spirit, we have created the Celebratory/In Memoriam Giving Program. Your Celebratory/In Memoriam donations can be given in memory of a loved one who has passed or to honor a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion of a current student, alumni, or friend of Moreau Catholic.

In Memoriam Honorees are included in the Book of Remembrance, which is housed in the school chapel. The Moreau Catholic community will honor your loved one during masses and prayer services. The Office of Advancement will send a letter to the family of the deceased or to the honoree informing them of your gift. The amount of your gift is kept confidential and you can remain anonymous. We do ask that you permit us to list the person/s name who is being honored or remembered in the Vector Magazine.  For more information, please contact the Office of Advancement at 510.881.4305.