The Parent Pledge Program at Moreau Catholic High School was established to provide students and families with the exceptional learning and co-curricular experiences that they have come to expect from Moreau Catholic. The program reflects our partnership with current families in supporting the success of each and every student.

Moreau Catholic parents contribute to the Parent Pledge Program with a tax-deductible contribution ranging from $1,000 to $1,500 per family, per year. The Parent Pledge Program provides the financial support needed to fully fund our outstanding programs, and provide the best campus environment for our students to thrive and develop. Students benefit from your pledge, which provides facility enhancements, state-of-the-art classrooms and technology, co-curricular activities, service-learning opportunities, and ongoing professional learning for faculty.


What are the details?

  • Participation in the Parent Pledge Program is expected for all current families, and you will be asked to enroll in the program in order to complete your child’s registration.
  • The minimum expectation is a $1,000 per year, per family. Families with the financial capacity are invited to give more.
  • Families who receive financial assistance are asked to give at a level commensurate with their financial capacity.
  • Contributions to the Parent Pledge Program are tax-deductible.

Why is the Parent Pledge Program so important?

Tuition dollars simply cannot fully cover the cost of an MCHS education. Parent Pledge Program dollars support the retention and development of our talented Holy Cross educators, technology upgrades, facilities enhancements, co-curricular programs, and tuition assistance – all the things that make Moreau a special place to learn and grow. Participation from 100% of our current families also allows us to receive more funding when we apply for grants, because it illustrates an enthusiastic and engaged parent community.

What if I am already giving towards an existing pledge for an older child attending Moreau Catholic?

Moreau Catholic only expects that you make one pledge per family regardless of how many students you have currently enrolled.

Can the cost of the pledge be shared by more than one individual?

Yes. However, this arrangement must be completed prior to the registration deadline by contacting the Advancement Office at 510.881.4305.

Why not just raise tuition so you don’t have to fundraise?

While raising tuition may seem like a sensible option, there are several reasons Moreau Catholic prefers the Parent Pledge Program. First and foremost, we honor our mission when we are able to keep tuition down. Paired with a robust financial assistance program, keeping tuition rates level allows families from all walks of life to afford a Moreau Catholic education. Unlike tuition, your contribution to the Parent Pledge Program is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by state and federal law, a wonderful benefit to the program. Finally, for some families, corporate-match opportunities can further benefit Moreau Catholic students. Ask your company if they are able to match your contribution to the Parent Pledge Program and double your impact.

My company will match my contribution! Does that mean I can pledge half of the minimum requirement?

First, thank you for taking the time to make a corporate-match inquiry at your place of employment. The minimum contribution per family remains the same ($1,000 per year, per family). You must first meet this minimum before seeking a corporate-match.

Can I volunteer instead of donating through the pledge program?

Parent involvement is integral to the Moreau Catholic educational experience, and we are honored to partner with parents to ensure student success. The Parent Pledge Program cannot be fulfilled with volunteer hours.

How do I complete my pledge form?

The Parent Pledge Program is part of the enrollment process. As you are completing your enrollment forms, there will be a section that allows you to select your pledge payment options.

Who do I contact for more information?

You can contact the Advancement Office at 510.881.4305

Impact of Parent Pledge Program

Over the last few years, investments by our parents to Moreau Catholic have supported the following programs and projects. Thank you!

  • Science classroom renovations
  • zSpace lab
  • Design Studio
  • Media Arts Center renovation
  • Robotics equipment
  • Br. Gary Stone, C.S.C. Academic Support Center
  • Library and Learning Commons renovations
  • Additional wifi wireless access points
  • Flowater stations in the ISC
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Earthwise Club/school garden