The words of the Blessed Basil Moreau guide the Moreau Catholic High School Advancement Program. By channeling our zeal for charity with strength and gentleness, we are able to provide the resources for our school to realize its vision of providing a Holy Cross Education to the greater East Bay community.

While tuition covers most of our basic operating expenses for the school, Moreau Catholic High School supplements its operating budget through its fundraising efforts. The majority of funds for facility improvements and renovations, tuition assistance programs, and extra-curricular programs are raised through generous gifts from our alumni, parents, friends and community partners.

Moreau Catholic High School has been serving the East Bay community for more than 50 years and is truly a special place. It offers students a well-rounded education in a safe and compassionate environment. The school is committed to ensuring that as many qualified students as possible will have the opportunity to attend Moreau, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

We encourage you to join us in providing every deserving student the opportunity to attend Moreau Catholic High School, a compassionate college prep.

Doug Hupke
Director of Advancement