Students will begin the cultivation of Holy Cross spirituality as they reflect on our four Pillars of Being Family, Building Respect, Educating Hearts and Minds and Bringing Hope. It is our hope that by the time our students graduate from Moreau, they will have integrated these themes into their daily lives.

The Frosh retreat is led by our senior student Campus Ministers and is supervised by faculty members. One of our aims is for the freshmen to get to know themselves and their classmates. The retreat is also an opportunity to learn what it means to belong to the Moreau community.

The Frosh Retreat Day will be held at Holy Redeemer Retreat Center in Oakland. The students will depart MCHS at 8:00 a.m. and return to school by 2:15 p.m. All students are expected to participate in the Frosh Retreat.

Students: You will be attending the freshman retreat with your freshman theology class. Please see the date below to find out when you will be attending. Parental consent will be needed to attend this mandatory retreat. Parental consent will be granted through the Appryse system.

All Frosh Theology classes will attend The Spirit of Holy Cross retreat at Holy Redeemer Retreat Center, Oakland, CA

Wednesday, August 29 
Mr. Greenbaum’s Periods 1 & 4

Friday, August 31
Mr. Greenbaum’s Periods 2 & 8

Tuesday, September 11
Mr. Landeza’s Period 9

Tuesday, September 13
Mr. Landeza’s Period 7
Mr. Greenbaum’s Period 3

Tuesday, September 25
St. Andre Frosh Theology