As a Catholic, Holy Cross school, students, faculty, and staff gather to celebrate the Eucharist, the central expression of faith. All gather as a community to celebrate the church’s sacraments, and to mark significant moments in the life of Moreau Catholic.

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Liturgical Ministries

Art & Environment

Campus Ministry student leaders of Art & Environment are responsible for working with Moreau’s liturgist on thoughtful decoration of the school’s worship space in the Main Gym and the St. André chapel to reflect the various liturgical seasons and special school events. They care for this sacred space in a special way and seek to make them beautiful, prayerful, and inviting. Students with gifts for visual design or with an interest in creating prayerful environments are always needed.

Sacristans & Altar Servers

Sacristans serve as acolytes during liturgy, assisting the presider at the altar during Mass and helping to thoughtfully prepare the chapel and various liturgical supplies for worship. In both behind-the-scenes and particularly roles, these leaders ensure that everything runs smoothly during Mass and help create a prayerful environment for all.

Eucharistic Ministers

Moreau’s faculty, staff and confirmed students serve as Eucharistic ministers to distribute the Eucharistic at Mass under both forms of the Body and Blood of Christ. Through their service, they strive to maintain a prayerful connection to the community and encourage the building of the Body of Christ at Moreau Catholic.


Students use their gift for music to enrich and enhance the worshiping life of Moreau. There are opportunities for developing one’s voice, prayer leadership, and developing a greater understanding of the liturgy and the role of liturgical music at Mass. Music Ministers just released Close to You, a CD of original songs and reflections reflective of the Holy Cross charism.


Student lectors serve as readers during liturgy, sharing their gifts for preaching through the proclamation of the Word and in leading communal prayers of petition.


Students involved in hospitality ministry are responsible for welcoming worshipers into the prayerful community and creating thoughtful preparations of the Campus Ministry space for social gatherings. Through gifts for building relationships and shaping environments in which all feel a sense of belonging, these leaders create a community where all are truly welcome and they embody the spirit of hospitality modeled by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

*All liturgical celebrations take place in the Main Gym at 9:40 am

Morning Mass: Every Wednesday in Saint Andre Chapel at 7:15 a.m.
Confession: Contact Fr. Bruce Cecil, C.S.C. to make an appointment (

First Semester:

  • Wednesday, August 25th – Opening of School Mass: As we begin our new school year, we gather as a Holy Cross community to thank God for the gift of knowledge and wisdom and to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the coming academic year.
  • Wednesday, September 15th – Our Lady of Sorrows Mass – Today we celebrate one of the Patron Saints of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Our Lady of Sorrows.
  • Friday, October 15th – St. Teresa of Avila Mass – A day to celebrate St. Teresa of Avila who earned the rare distinction of being declared a Doctor of the Church. On this day, we honor all the sick and people in religious orders.
  • Monday, November 1st – All Saints Day Mass – All Saints’ Day is a day commemorating all of the saints of the church, both known and unknown.
  • Wednesday, December 8th – Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mass: A day to celebrate our Virgin Mary as she was conceived without sin, and thus her conception of Jesus was immaculate. We recognize all motherly figures especially during the Advent season.

Second Semester

  • Thursday, January 20th – Feast of Blessed Basil Moreau Mass: As the only school named after Blessed Basil Moreau, we take this day to celebrate and reflect on what it means to be Holy Cross men and women with Hope to Bring.
  • Wednesday, March 2nd – Ash Wednesday Mass: To begin the Lenten season, we take this day to remind ourselves of Jesus’ sacrifice and to begin our 40-day journey of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.
  • Tuesday, April 5th – Interfaith Prayer Service: Taking place during Moreau’s culture week, we pause during this prayer service to celebrate and honor the diverse faith traditions represented at Moreau.
  • Friday, May 6th – End of School Mass: A celebration and way to reflect on the past school year recognizing our many accomplishments and to give thanks to God for our co-curricular successes.
  • Friday, May 27th – Baccalaureate Mass: A special mass honoring the graduating class and their many accomplishments during their time at Moreau Catholic High School.