Theme: Educating Hearts and Minds

The focus for the final year of the social justice program is “Educating Hearts and Minds” and students are expected to complete their Senior Capstone Project.

Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone Project allows students to live out the charism of Holy Cross. Their project equips them with the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges.

Students investigate real-world problems through multiple perspectives, gathering and analyzing data from various sources in order to develop credible and valid evidence-based arguments.

We want our students to embrace their talents and use those talents to change and transform the world, and encourage them to present their projects in a TEDx event, introduced at Moreau in 2018.

We define our holistic education by helping students develop readiness in four key areas: readiness for college; readiness for the careers of tomorrow; readiness for civic life; and readiness for life in the Catholic community.

Specifically, twelfth-grade students are expected to complete:

– an 8-page research paper, minimum 2,000 words
– a 5-page written talk to be delivered about their projects (10-15 minutes in length) using a format for talks adopted from TEDx speaker guidelines
– completion of project goals
– a signed goals sheet by mentor(s), a teacher, and parent/guardian.

Refer to page 35 in the student handbook for additional guidelines.

*Fall Cohort due October 12, 2018
*Spring Cohort due February 12, 2019

*If student took their Social Justice course in the Fall of their junior year, they are considered “Fall Cohort”.
*If student took their Social Justice course in the Spring of their Junior year, they are considered “Spring Cohort”.