Theme: Building Respect

The focus for the third year of the social justice program is “Building Respect”. In this phase of the program, the foundations of the capstone project will be set within the context of student’s coursework in Moreau’s Social Justice Seminar.

As part of the seminar, all students will participate in a two-day service retreat and will receive 15 hours for this time. Beyond those 15 hours, students are also asked to complete an additional 20 hours of service on their own, which will be approved by their Social Justice teacher in accordance with their capstone project goals.

10 hours due November 30,2018
10 hours due April 27,2019

In the Social Justice Seminar, students will build the foundational questions and cultivate new insights toward their capstone projects, which will be due during their senior year. This course serves as a cornerstone for the capstone project — a culmination of volunteer experience during their time at Moreau — and inspires our students to become active agents of change, advocates for the poor and vulnerable and individuals whose passions and talents connect with the needs of the world.