The setting of a Catholic, college-preparatory high school provides a unique opportunity where academic theology and practical pastoral experience can interact for the enrichment of the whole community. In order to help students discover their spirituality, Moreau’s Campus Ministry Program focuses on the following five aspects as prescribed by the Department of Education through the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Forming of Faith Community

At Moreau, the call to form a community of faith flows both from the very nature of the Gospel itself and from the pastoral situation on campus. Today, the Church on campus is challenged to be a credible sign of unity and a living reminder of the essential interdependence and solidarity of all people.

Following the example of Blessed Basil Moreau, who was a man committed to ministry while grounded in prayer and solitude, our retreat program is designed to offer that practice of solitude born from God’s love for each of us. Solitude during retreat is resting in God.

Appropriating the Faith

Appropriating the faith is best modeled on campus by the spirit of hospitality, openness, and tolerance while maintaining a clear Catholic identity. The faculty and staff are key components of this aspect of Campus Ministry. They model not perfection, but a struggle to live faithfully in a complex and unfinished world.

At Moreau, we are committed to providing the following:

– Religious literacy on campus
– Religious studies curriculum
– Spiritual directors available for students, families, and staff

Forming the Christian Conscience

Campus Ministry has the crucial task of assisting in the formation of a moral conscience so that individuals who face complex ethical issues throughout their lives are prepared to make good moral judgments according to Gospel values.

To address this need, Moreau offers the following:

– Reconciliation Services: Advent, Lent and during retreats
– Opportunities to form the Christian Conscience through worship, education, pastoral counseling, advocacy and modeling
– Christian/Community Service Program (CCS) – The goal of the service program is to challenge students to be involved in their local communities by volunteering in response to the needs which are present there.

Facilitating Personal Development

The experience of Christian community on campus is important to the life of the whole Church. Students, faculty and staff are given the opportunity to deepen their spiritual life to become a valuable resource for family, parish, and diocesan life.

Developing Leaders

This course is offered to seniors who wish to play an active role in ministerial leadership in the Campus Ministry programs at Moreau Catholic.

Students are responsible for working with the instructor in the planning, preparation and implementation of school-wide liturgies and smaller class collaboration liturgies. Students also assist in other school ministerial endeavors such as retreats, mission collections, drives and service projects. In class, students explore Christian spirituality, the history of Christian worship, and the basic principles of liturgical worship. Students are challenged to develop both personal and group leadership skills.

More formal leadership training programs are provided for our student leaders and peer ministers by offering training sessions, workshops and in-services throughout the academic year in the following areas:

moreau catholic high school faith


moreau catholic high school faith


moreau catholic high school faith