Open positions for 2021-2022

  • The President shall be the executive officer of the organization. The President shall: preside at all meetings, call special meetings when necessary, appoint all chairpersons for committees, appoint members as large as board members, appoint all appointive administrative members to the board, supervise all matters pertaining to the organization. The President will prepare the upcoming meeting agenda one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The President shall ensure the harmony of the organization by upholding the bylaws, and reporting to the organization concerning all meetings and correspondence /communication pertaining to the organization and the execution of its duties.
  • The Vice President shall assist the president in the performance of their duties and assume the responsibilities of the president in their absence.  The Vice President also serves as the Booster Club Representative to the Advancement meetings held during the school year.
  • Special Events Coordinator:  This position will assist the AD in overseeing the many special events that occur during the school year.  Working in conjunction with the AD, the Coordinator will insure that all events have a chairperson, and that they have the support they need in order to run the events. The events include but are not limited to, the Crab Feed, Spring Welcome, Senior Ice Cream Social, Homecoming, Alumni Events, and Special games that are held during the year.
  • Team Parent Coordinator shall oversee the team parents and help with communication, pre, post, and during the season team events, team purchases, and travel arrangements.  Will ensure that the in season team parents attend meetings and give team updates.
  • Publicity and Communication Coordinator produces press releases as well as participating in producing publications for the school community (on course, Vector, daily bulletin, etc.) This position also will communicate Booster items to the Moreau community.
  • The Snack Bar Coordinator shall coordinate the running of the snack bar at home sporting events and other events as needed. They will coordinate ordering of food and supplies; participate in overseeing and training of the volunteers.  Will assist with monitoring sales, expenditures, menu and pricing to insure profitability.
  • Snack Bar Co-Chair: The Co-Chair will assist the coordinator in all the snack bar duties. The co-chair will also be in charge of training the openers and closers for the snack bar, and will assist in monitoring sales, expenditures, menu and pricing to insure profitability.  In conjunction with the Snack Bar Coordinator, may make recommendations for policy and procedure changes to enhance operations and insure proper food and cash handling procedures.  Booster President and AD as required will approve any recommendations.
  •  Volunteer Scheduler Chair: This position oversees the scheduling of volunteers, publicizes volunteer opportunities and produces sign in sheets and contacts repeated  “no show’s”

If you are interested in applying for a Booster Board position, please email Ms. Monica Heuer with interest at Please specify what position you are interested in.

Booster membership supports our thriving athletic programs as well as Visual and Performing Arts, school facilities, and a variety of other aspects of Campus Life.

Proceeds from Booster Club membership are used for:

  • Championship T-shirts for Mock Trial
  • Audio-visual equipment for “The Cube”– used to record the Maker Lab, Read-a-thon, rallies, performances, talent show, assemblies, games and signing ceremonies
  • Refreshments for Spring Welcome Night, parent meetings and student workshops
  • School Vans/Logistics
  • AED/health and safety equipment

All students and families should have received their membership cards that were distributed at Back to School night and then through the AD Office. If you have not received yours yet, please have your student stop by the AD Office to pick them up.

Please remember that proceeds from our membership goes towards vital funding of school equipment, uniforms, development and improvements of our facilities, field rentals, and transportation.

Thank you for your continued support of the Mariner Athletic Program.

Monica Heuer
Athletic Director

Anita Ledesma
Booster President