Number of Teams:

  • 1 Girls Varsity Team
  • 1 Boys Varsity Team

The varsity team will generally carry around 20 players.


Official Start Date – Feb. 7, 2022

Official tryouts will be held once the season begins. There will be clinics held throughout the school year leading up to the season. Clinic dates, location, and times to be announced at school.

Season – SPRING


The school will provide uniforms for all team members. Those playing goalie will be provided with all goalie equipment. However, all team members will need to purchase the following equipment in order to play on the field.


Game dates and times will be announced once all leagues have met. Please Note: Once selected as a team member, players are expected to take part in all practices and games.

Lacrosse stick
Mouth guard
Authorized Eye protection gear
Turf shoes