Important Information for College-Bound Student-Athletes

If you are interested in playing sports in college (or even just considering it), no matter the Division, we encourage you to speak with the MCHS Counseling Office to ensure that you have the best opportunities and the most support. Be sure to keep the Athletics Office and the College Counseling Office in the loop throughout the process.

The Process

The NCAA Eligibility Center ensures that a student-athlete is academically clear to compete in intercollegiate sports at the Division I or II level. If you are interested in playing sports at a Division I or II school, it is your responsibility to be sure the NCAA Eligibility Center has the documents it needs to certify you; this determination is typically done at the end of the junior year. These documents include:

  1. Your completed registration on the NCAA Eligibility Center website and $80 fee (fee waivers are available; speak with one of the college counselors for details)
  2. Your official transcript, uploaded electronically by the College Counseling Office
  3. Your official SAT or ACT scores, sent directly from the testing agency
  4. International Student Release Form (if appropriate)
  5. For all students. CoreCourse GPA. This website can help you with your eligibility requirements. Click here for quick 1-minute videos on various aspects of NCAA/NAIA initial-eligibility and recruiting.

Current students who would like to have a transcript release form on file should pick up this form from the College Counseling Office. We must have this signed form on file in order to send out transcripts, schedules, test scores, etc. Once on file, College Counseling will communicate with parents via email each time a transcript is requested. If you have questions about this form, please see the College Counseling Office.


A: If you intend to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman, you must register with and be certified as eligible by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Eligibility Center. Initial eligibility certification pertains only to whether you meet the NCAA requirements for participation in Division I or II athletics and has no bearing on your admission to a particular Division I or II institution.

A: You should register with the Eligibility Center at the end of your sophomore year or the start of your junior year.  Moreau will submit a transcript (grades 9-11) to the Eligibility Center upon registration.

A: Log in to the NCAA Eligibility Center website and complete the required registration form. It is your responsibility to send your SAT or ACT scores by entering ‘9999’ when you send scores through or

A: The Eligibility Center will send your eligibility status to any Division I or II college that requests it, provided you have given permission on your student release form for the school to receive the information.

NCAA Division III

If you are interested in athletic competition at the Division III level, you may wish to be in contact with a coach or coaches at your schools of interest so you can indicate your interest in their school and athletic program.

You can begin this communication in the summer between your sophomore and junior year, especially if you are a fall athlete. Additionally, if you make a visit to the college, you may wish to contact the coach before your visit in order to schedule a meeting. You do not have to go through the NCAA Eligibility Center process.


If you are interested in a college that is a NAIA school, you will need to register with the NAIA. It is a different process than the NCAA, and just because you are registered with the NCAA, doesn’t mean you do not have to register with the NAIA.

You should register with the NAIA at the end of your junior year, or beginning of your senior year. To register for the NAIA, go to NAIA Eligibility Center.

Next College Student Athlete (NCSA)

Whether you are a high school freshman or a late-blooming senior, NCSA helps take the stress of uncertainty out of your recruiting journey by putting a plan in place to help you find your best college options. Learn more about the NCSA