The Alumni Speaker Series has been created to better connect alumni to our current students as an adaptation on the traditional ‘Career Day’ model.  In this year-long series, alumni are encouraged to sign up to present in front of a classroom about their career, their educational journey that helped them enter the workforce, and how their time at Moreau Catholic helped prepare them for the challenges they encountered along the way.  

Alumni will be added to a list of available speakers that faculty will be able to search through in order to identify appropriate speakers to present in their classroom.  Instead of having one day a year, or semester for a Career Day, we will coordinate schedules with speakers and teachers alike to find times that are convenient for everyone and make this an on-going experience that is more flexible and functional.  This will also help to add relevance to the presentations so that students are engaged and more likely to participate in a discussion.

In coordination with the Alumni Council, the Moreau Catholic counseling department, and the faculty and leadership of the school, the goal of the Alumni Speaker Series is to present as many different examples of the careers that our alumni go on to have upon graduation.  By changing the traditional format, and by having engaging interactions with alumni, we hope to build a program that is equally beneficial to students, teachers, and alumni alike.

If you would like to sign up to be added to our list of available speakers, please fill out the form below.  

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