Moreau Catholic High School Tuition

Tuition is determined annually and is announced prior to the registration deadline. Several payment plans are available, including annual, semi-annual, 12 month, 11 month, and 10 month.

2021-2022 Tuition Quick Facts

Annual Tuition $21,410
Mariner Fee $250
% of Families Receiving Financial Assistance 33%
Merit Scholarships Available? Yes
Laptop & Software Included in tuition
Textbooks Included in tuition
Annual Retreats Included in tuition

What is the Mariner Advantage?

“Moreau has prepared my daughters for the future by giving them opportunities that they may not have elsewhere. Moreau gives students the opportunity to think outside the box, and to travel to new places whether that is for athletics, retreats, or being part of a club. At Moreau, students are encouraged to volunteer in their community, their school, and organizations, and they have the freedom to grow in their spiritual journey. Both my daughters have confidence, determination, and discipline in working hard for what they believe in. They have compassion for others and belief in themselves. Moreau has given both my daughters the skills to be ahead of the curve in technology.” – Ms. Lopez, parent of Angelica ’22 and Selena ’19

“There is something for everyone at Moreau, from clubs to athletics to fine arts- your child will find their place at Moreau and thrive. It’s a community who cares not only about the academic well-being of your child, but also their social, spiritual, and mental well-being as well.” –Ms. Thompson, parent of Brianna ’15, Alexis ’17, Sophia ’23, Juliette ’26

“Moreau’s diversity has really prepared my kids for dealing with diversity outside of school. They have friends from different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The high academic standards have FULLY prepared them for college. While at Moreau they learned to manage their time, communicate with their teachers, and ask for help. Both of my kids that are now in college have been very successful. I feel that is due to the rigor and high expectations, but also the guidance and support they received from the teachers at Moreau.” –Mrs. Lehua, parent of Kaleo ‘18, Kainoa ‘20, Waileia ‘23