The Dream Coalition – a mission of social justice that starts with the hearts and minds on the campus of Moreau Catholic. Where students, faculty, and staff learn how to be color brave, respect differences, empathize with each other’s struggles and empower all to believe they are worthy of academic success. By learning how to treat each other with respect, while knowing we deserve respect from others, we create a safe place for students to grow to their potential, in a caring and loving environment, with support from faculty and students.

The Equity Team consists of teachers, classified staff, parents and school leaders focused on cultural proficiency, diversity and student engagement. If you are interested in participating on our Equity Team, please contact Toni West.

The ways in which we show our diversity on our campus:

  • Culture Week
  • Black History Month
  • Chinese New Year
  • Interfaith Service
  • Moreau Mehfil
  • Filipino Culture Night
  • Nuestra Gente Dance
  • Pillars of Diversity Galleria
  • Cultural Celebration Night
  • Mental Health Week
  • Anti-Bullying Week

The ways in which we show our diversity in the classroom:

  • Increasing our culturally competent curriculum within all subjects
  • Teaching from a culturally relevant pedagogy that allows students to bring their personal knowledge and experience into the classroom.
  • Allyship building between faculty and students to further create an environment of inclusion and an increased sense of self.