Our total annual cost for international students is $33,745. This includes the following:

  • A full schedule of college preparatory classes, which may include Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • A dedicated team of faculty and staff members who provide academic support and advocacy for students
  • A year-long UC-approved English course with academic and English language support
  • An Apple MacBook laptop, textbooks, a yearbook, locks for lockers, class fees and a uniform for Physical Education classes
  • A two-week summer orientation program that features:

– a comprehensive English Language workshop
– cultural exchange with American students
– a visit to a local university
– a review of school expectations
– class scheduling

Housing / Accommodations

Moreau Catholic is a day school and does not provide housing on campus. Students in the program stay with host families in the surrounding community.

We work closely with local housing agents who ensure our international students are placed with host families that will encourage the continued development of English skills, provide academic guidance, and assist in the immersion into the American culture.

All international students are required to arrange their homestay through our Moreau Catholic High School approved housing agencies.