In order for students to start school in Fall 2020, all students must have completed a Physical Examination and provide us with an updated copy of the student’s Immunization Records. The information provided in these forms is vital to the well being of your child, to the general welfare of the school community, and to the completion of the enrollment process.

Please be aware that students will not be allowed to attend school until all of these forms are returned to the school.

There are two separate items required:

1. Copy of Immunization Records (Due April 3rd)

Please obtain a complete copy of your child’s immunization record from your physician. Record must be from birth to present. Please do not rely on your student’s previous school to do so.

A complete list of all needed vaccines are listed on a pdf below. Please make sure that you review the vaccine list carefully.

2. Physical Examination Card (Due June 26, 2020)

The physical examination must be completed with the date and signature of a physician. It must be dated on or after August 12, 2019. Please make a physical exam appointment as soon as possible to avoid delays in entering school.

Immunization Requirement

Physical Examination Form