Most of the material in the library may be checked out for three weeks and may be renewed for an additional three weeks. Material may be reserved online using the login feature of the catalog. Fines are not charged for overdue material, but students are responsible for lost items. Students will be charged current replacement costs plus a five-dollar processing fee for each item lost. Students who abuse library materials may have their library privileges suspended. Remember to renew your library item(s) so you don’t have overdue items!*

The library’s policy around overdue supplies is:

  • 1st offense: warning
  • 2nd offense: warning and reminder that one more time will result in an inability to checkout equipment for two weeks
  • 3rd offense: Cannot check out equipment for two weeks

The library’s policy around detentions for long-overdue items is:

Long overdue books = 2 weeks overdue

Long overdue supplies = 1 week overdue

  • 1st offense: Call slip #1 sent to student for long-overdue item(s).
  • 2nd offense: If call slip is ignored, call slip #2 and detention #1 issued.
  • 3rd offense: If call slip #2 is ignored, call slip #3 and detention #2 will be issued and parents will be emailed.
  • 4th offense: If call slip #3 is ignored, a Saturday detention will be issued.

If issue is still not resolved, it will be turned over to the Dean of Students.

After 6 weeks of being overdue, the library item is considered lost and the student is expected to pay for the lost item.

*renewals for all books can take place until call slip #3/Saturday detention is issued.