Moreau Catholic High School Graduation Requirements

Units Required

To graduate from Moreau Catholic High School, an MCHS student must complete a four-year program of studies earning a minimum of 270 units
(1 semester = 5 units).

Students will also complete the required Christian Community Service and Holy Cross Social Justice Program service hours.

Students in the Class of 2019 and beyond:

English 40 units
Mathematics 40 units
Theology 40 units
Social Studies 30 units
Science (Life & Physical) 30 units

World Language 20 units (must be in same language)

Physical Education 10 units

Visual and Performing Arts 10 units

Electives 50 units

TOTAL 270 units

Christian Community Service

80 hours and participation in mandatory 9th & 10th grade retreats*
*More information is available in the Student-Parent Handbook about graduation requirements (Section 5.2) and community service (Section 5.3).

Transfer Students

In addition to the above subject requirements, students who transfer as sophomores must take 30 units of theology; junior transfers must take 20 units of theology. In some cases, transfer students will be required to take additional course work outside of MCHS in order to meet the 270-unit requirement.

Transfer courses are subject to the verification and approval of the counseling department and office of admission.

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