Moreau Catholic has an extensive and comprehensive Visual Arts program. Freshmen can take a survey course that allows beginning artists to use a variety of mediums from traditional drawing to ceramics and painting. In addition, students study art theory, art history, and art criticism with a focus on the development of a personal aesthetic.

If a student desires to continue his or her visual arts education, Moreau offers a variety of specialized classes to focus on specific interests. We provide students suggested course sequences for those wanting an emphasis in two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, and digital art and media.

Visual Arts Courses

Visual Arts • Drawing • Sculpture • Ceramics • Sculpture 2 • Advanced Art • Painting • Drawing and Painting 2 • Advanced Placement Studio Art

Advanced Placement Studio Art is a college-level course where a student creates a comprehensive portfolio of 24 pieces for a panel of judges to evaluate and score for college credit. The course is a rigorous and challenging class that pushes a student’s boundaries of creativity and problem solving.