visual arts department moreauThe Visual and Performing Arts Department offers award-winning, UC-eligible visual and performing arts courses for each of the five major art disciplines. Additionally, Moreau has the largest variety of arts programs in the East Bay with faculty members who are artists in their respective disciplines. Specific disciplines include vocal music, dance, instrumental music, theater, and visual arts.

Collegiate Art Acceptance

Moreau Catholic ensembles regularly perform in extraordinary productions, earning regional and national acclaim, and each year students earn acceptance to the most prestigious collegiate art programs in the country.


Our artists enjoy numerous spaces on campus to create and perform, including two art studios, dance studio, Teves Theatre and the Brother Stephen Walsh, CSC, Memorial Gallery.

Department Members: Angela Demmel (Chair) Dance; Ted Newton (Director) Instrumental Music; Arlene Hood (Director) Theater Arts/Drama; Kristen Parker and Karen Thomas, Visual Arts; Kaia Richards, Vocal/Choral Music