moreau technology and media
Welcome to TAMA! The Technology & Media Arts Department takes pride in offering courses that keep Moreau Catholic High School technologically among the leaders of Bay Area high schools.

Computer and media skills will not only enhance student learning at MCHS, but will also provide students with the skills necessary for success in college and in life. Courses are offered in computer science, digital graphics, digital media, as well as computer and graphic design work experience.

Specifically, students can take classes in: HTML and Web Page Design, Introduction to Computer Science with Java, Advanced Placement Computer Science, Digital Graphics & Multimedia Publishing, Yearbook, Journalism, Video Production and more.

Introduction to Computer Science with Java can be taken to meet the Moreau technology requirement for graduation. The Java course is also a prerequisite for the Advanced Placement course.

View a commercial created in Moreau’s MCTV studio by student Keilah McKeown. The Moreau commercial is part of a series of commercials that can be seen on Comcast channels. Click here to view the video on Moreau’s YouTube channel.

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