Welcome to the world of Social Studies! The department adheres to the belief that effective democracy requires an educated electorate and involved citizenry. The department remains committed to enabling students to find, process and utilize information in order to develop and articulate positions on the issues that impact contemporary society and incorporates the idea that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

The department offers a mix of Advanced Placement courses, required courses, and a wide array of electives. Sophomores are required to take a full year of World History, while United States History is required for juniors and American Government and Economics are required for seniors.

In addition, the varied electives have proven very popular with students. The electives include: The Civil War, Sport and Society*, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity, Psychology, American Law and Justice and Mass Media. We offer an Honors World History course as well as Advanced Placement courses in U.S. History, American Government, Comparative Government, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Human Geography and Psychology.

Read about social studies teacher Frank Knight here.

Department Members

Justin Frantz (Chair), Amy Armstrong, Tyler Dragoni, Frank Knight, Sarah Ledford, Bob Parker, Toni West, and Phil Wilder.

Graduation Requirements*

30 units

*(1 semester = 5 units)
MCHS requires 30 units of Social Studies: 10 units in World History, 10 units in United States History, 5 units in Government, and 5 units in Economics.