The Saint Andre Accelerated Learning Program introduces a new strategy for education based on a personalized approach. Utilizing innovative technology, curriculum, and philosophy from the Summit Personalized Learning Platform, students master rigorous content and develop cognitive skills at a pace and learning style designed for their individual learning needs.

The hallmarks of this program include 1:1 mentorship; personalized academic coaching; daily student progress tracking for parents and students; and ongoing parent support programs. The goal is to prepare students for Advanced Placement level courses by their junior year.

Students work in this personalized style for their core academic courses including English, Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Theology and World Language. Saint Andre students also have the opportunity to select from a variety of elective courses throughout their four years at Moreau.

“The Saint Andre program gives you a chance to show everyone how smart you are by letting you learn the way that works for you. It’s really for students who want to go beyond expectations,” one student said.

Instructional Lead Christopher Hayes talked about the Saint Andre Program in the Winter 2018 issue of The Vector.

Admission Information

Incoming freshmen are identified for this program by the Admissions Committee after a comprehensive review of standardized test scores, grades, teacher recommendations, and interviews.

Department Members

Christopher Hayes (Coordinator); Kristin Hannon, Assistant Principal of Instruction; Narciso Bernardo, Science; Justin Frantz, Social Studies; Serena Maniscalco, Spanish; Michael Pacheco, Moreau FellowCaitlin Riley, Math; Peter Shelley, Theology; and Samantha Wainwright, English.