Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, 欢迎 to the Modern Language Department at Moreau Catholic! The department offers college preparatory classes at all levels, including honors and Advanced Placement levels. We also offer a placement exam for incoming freshman or transfer students to assure an accurate level of studies.

We recognize the importance of other languages along with other cultures, and we integrate the practice and the knowledge of both. Students come to Moreau with a variety of languages, heritages and cultures that we like to share and embrace in our classrooms.

All students are required to take at least two years of the same modern language to graduate, but are strongly encouraged to take three or four years of a language to meet college requirements and to be better prepared to fully utilizing the language. All modern language courses are University of California eligible. The department offers coursework in Spanish, French and Chinese (Mandarin).

Modern language teacher Serena Maniscalco was featured in the Summer 2018 issue of The Vector.

Department Members

Ana Patterson (Chair), John Allen, Henny Chen, Luis Gonzales, Serena Maniscalco, and Audrey Schroeder.

Modern Language Courses

  • MCHS requires 20 units of one Modern Language.
  • Students demonstrating aptitude in language are strongly advised to take three or four years of the same language.
  • All Modern Language courses are UC eligible.

World Language Content Standards