Welcome to the Mathematics Department at Moreau Catholic! Our department believes in and delivers a comprehensive as well as applicable foundation of mathematics skills for students in order to prepare them for any of the different postsecondary directions they may choose.

We provide a strong and broad curriculum ranging from Basic Algebra to both AP Calculus and AP Statistics. While we will continue to teach basic math concepts and skills that have been part of our curriculum for years, we recognize the need to be aware of the latest trends in mathematics education and implement the most effective ones.

An emphasis on a multi-representational approach to functions is made in all of our classes, while also highlighting the importance of group work and hands-on problem solving.

In keeping with our commitment to the school-wide initiative of improving the technology skills of our students, we include level-appropriate activities that involve graphing calculators, Geometer’s Sketchpad, and statistical software. All of this takes place with the goal of improving the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills of every student at Moreau.

Department Members

Katie Greenbaum ’08 (Chair)Stephanie Nielsen, Angela O’BrienAhmed Rangchi, Caitlin Riley, and Michael Tsan.

Math Courses

For students interested in more challenging course work, the department offers honors math classes as well as Advanced Placement courses (application required).
Note regarding honors placement: Grade requirements are per each individual semester, not an average.

Graduation Requirements*

40 units

*(1 semester = 5 units)