Welcome to the English Department at Moreau Catholic! The department offers a variety of classes at the college preparatory, honors and Advanced Placement levels. Each course trains students in the core skills of critical reading, critical thinking, critical writing, and effective oral expression – the cornerstones of a lifetime of independent learning.

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In the interest of affording all students the opportunity to develop these competencies while exploring an area of their interest, the department offers a variety of elective courses that explore specific ideas, tastes, and voices in our world. The department has a number of such offerings, including World and Ethnic literatures, Science Fiction and Women’s literature, Great Books, Shakespeare, and Myth and Folklore.

In addition to its focus on the core skills, each course offered by the department (excluding Journalism) includes a component of sustained silent reading, so that students may cultivate, over time, their own literary tastes and interests. Each course also features a research paper or project, designed so that students can learn and apply skills in the field of information literacy necessary to their success in college and beyond.

ERWC Writing Program

In the 2016-2017 school year, Moreau Catholic adopted the Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum (ERWC) for grades 9-12, designed by CSU and high school instructors in a cooperative effort to articulate and bridge the critical reading and writing skills from high school to college.

Recently revised, the second edition of the course is aligned with California’s Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, and it has been approved by the University of California (UC) to satisfy the “b” English subject requirement. The key principles of this writing program include:

  1. The integration of interactive reading and writing processes;
  2. A rhetorical approach to texts that fosters critical thinking and engagement through a relentless focus on the text;
  3. Materials and themes that engage student interest;
  4. Classroom activities designed to model and foster successful practices of fluent readers and writers;
  5. Research-based methodologies with a consistent relationship between theory and practice;
  6. Built-in flexibility to allow teachers to respond to varied students’ needs and instructional contexts; and
  7. Alignment with the California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy.

Read more about our ERWC Writing Program from Department Chair Samantha Wainwright in our Winter 2018 issue of The Vector.

Department Members

Samantha Wainwright (Chair), Dave Baptist, Anna Brown, Jonathan Burns, Dave Prisk, Rick Spinelli, Cheryl Steeb, and Andy Ward

English Courses

MCHS requires 40 units of English.*
All courses meet the UC “b” requirement unless otherwise noted.

*(1 semester = 5 units)