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Teacher, Social Justice Coordinator


Work Phone: 510-881-4334 Profile Page: Jerico Abanico


Educational background: CSU East Bay, BA in Human Development with a concentration on Adolescent Development

Hometown: Union City, CA

When I was a child I wanted to be: A doctor and an X-men (more specifically Ice Man)

Best vacation ever: Going to Rome and exploring the Vatican.

Highlight of working at MCHS: Being able to work with inspiring young students everyday.

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Human Resources Manager Business Office

Human Resources

Home Phone: 510-881-4352 Profile Page: Carla Adcock

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Campus Ministry Assistant


Profile Page: Kristie Alejo

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Site Services

Profile Page: Javier Alfaro

Employed Since: 1998

Hometown: Hayward, CA

When I was a child, I wanted to be a: Pilot

Best Vacation Ever: Las Vegas

Highlight of working at MCHS: 
Meeting new people, and working around such friendly people each day.

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Site Services

Profile Page: Jorge Alfaro

Employed Since: 1999

San Francisco, CA

When I was a child, I wanted to be a: Professional Soccer Player

Best Vacation Ever: 

Highlight of working at MCHS: 
Working with friendly people and watching our soccer teams.

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Site Services

Profile Page: Valentin Avila

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Campus Supervisor

Campus Supervisor

Home Phone: 510-881-4319 Profile Page: Armando Ayala

Employed Since: 1999

 Pinole, CA

When I was a child, I wanted to be a: 
Police Officer

Best Vacation Ever: 

Highlight of working at MCHS:
 Families, Students, Faculty, and Staff

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Main Office Staff

Work Phone: 510-881-4300 Profile Page: Madeline Bender

Employed Since: 1992

Hometown: San Ramon, CA

When I was a child, I wanted to be a: Secretary (like in Perry Mason)

Best Vacation Ever: Three-week road trip to Canada

Highlight of working at MCHS: Being a part of the Holy Cross “family” and Holy Cross Associates has been such a large part of my life, I can’t imagine working anywhere else for as long as I have been here. The Moreau community is so very important to me; everyone cares.

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Brothers of Holy Cross, Moreau Province

Board of Trustees

Profile Page: Br. Donald Blauvelt C.S.C.

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Admissions Coordinator


Home Phone: 510-881-4320 Profile Page: Claudia Briones

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Home Phone: 510-881-4193 Profile Page: Anna Brown

Employed Since: 2014

Educational Background: 
BA English LIturature, UC Berkeley; MA Education, UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

When I was a child, I wanted to be an: Artist

Life Goal: 
To be the oldest woman ever to surf Maverick’s

Highlight of working at MCHS: 
Working with brilliant young minds.

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Athletic Trainer Athletics


Profile Page: David Bruton

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Moreau Fellow Advancement

Advancement, Moreau Fellow, Technology & Media Arts

Profile Page: Paolo Canuto

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Assistant, Registrar

Office of Instruction

Work Phone: 510-881-4350 Profile Page: Kim Capurro

Employed Since: 2008

Hometown: Oakland, CA

When I was a child, I wanted to be a: Secretary. Then, I discovered golf and wanted to be a professional golfer.

Best Vacation Ever: 
Being in Hawaii with my family

Highlight of working at MCHS: 
Being surrounded by such wonderful people! I’ve also been fortunate enough to work here while my children were here.

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Educational Resource Specialist

Academic Support

Home Phone: 510-881-4357 Profile Page: Alicia Carew

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Teacher Math


Profile Page: Araceli Catalán

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Teacher, Chaplain, Asst. Coach – Water Polo

Faith, Theology

Work Phone: 510-881-4336 Profile Page: Fr. Bruce Cecil CSC

Employed Since: 2011

Educational Background: BA, Political Science; BA, Journalism; BS, Mechanical Engineering; M.Div., Theology

Hometown: Louisville, KY

When I was a child, I wanted to be an: Astronomer or astronaut

Best Vacation Ever: Traveling in Europe

Highlight of working at MCHS: Philippines Immersion Trip, Summer 2014

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Graphic Designer / Web and Social Media Coordinator

Advancement, Communications

Home Phone: 510-881-4355 Profile Page: Tim Chaparro