2018 WCEA Visit

accreditation at Moreau Catholic High SchoolFrom February 26-29, 2018, the Moreau Catholic community warmly welcomed six educators from Bay Area Catholic schools who served as the Visiting Committee for the 2018 Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) accreditation.

Members of the WCEA visiting team were on campus meeting with teachers, leadership, parent representatives and board members, while also observing numerous classrooms to experience life in the Moreau community.

The accreditation process is used to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs, and drive program enhancements and curricular development, and the visit affirms the findings of the school’s self-study and its goals and plans for ongoing improvement.

The last accreditation was six years ago and the process has changed since then; it is now data-driven versus being a more narrative protocol. The process begins with populating the data library for five core areas of the school, with between 37 and 50 data points for every major area. Each section identifies key strengths and growth areas.

The data comes from parent, teacher, faculty and student surveys, focus groups, assessments and statistics. Faculty and staff review the data then write the report together, highlighting key strengths and growth areas for each core area of the school.

As part of the school’s accreditation process, an action plan called an Educational Improvement Plan (EIP) is created and reviewed by the board of trustees, administration and leadership to help prioritize school-wide initiatives moving forward:

Moreau’s EIP will focus on three areas for critical growth:

  1. Research and implement programs to support the needs of our increasingly diverse population of learners both inside and out of the classroom.
  2. Develop integrative and comprehensive fundraising programs to significantly increase alumni, family, and community giving to MCHS.
  3. Evaluate the current schedule to ensure it optimizes student learning and access to a rigorous college preparatory education.

Our next accreditation is scheduled for the spring of 2024.

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