Students of the Month | February & March 2022

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for February and March 2022!

Sponsor’s Name Student’s Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Ms. Mac Miguel Tomas 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Miguel is such a pleasure to have in class. He is attentive, respectful, and works great as a team. We have many group projects in Biotech and Miguel assists with all steps of the lab and works great with his group. He is kind and helpful and brings a great energy to class!
Ms. Mac Aaron Calica 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Aaron brings a wonderful spirit and attitude to class. He has a contagious positive energy and is always such a joy to have in class. He works very well with his classmates and always has a fun time in class!
Patrick Alparone Evan Santos 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Evan has displayed his ability to lead by example since his first day on campus. In every class/rehearsal that effort and a willingness to fail is the only way to succeed. Evan is a talent that any teacher is lucky to have in their department.
Ana Patterson Isabella Guijarro 11 Educating hearts and minds & building respect Isabella has been an example to many. She overcame a difiicult situation from a serious procedure and yet she was on top of her work, making sure she was up to date and attending my lesson via zoom while recuperating. This is something that is not easy for many, but Isabella kept working and her persitance has paid off.
Ana Patterson Aiden Rana 11 building respect & educating hearts and minds Aiden has been a role model in my class; the subject is not easy for him, and he also missed a week becuase he attended a school trip. But he was in constant communication with me, worked very hard to make sure he got caught up, and he is always on top of his assignments. I am very proud of his efforts and quality of work.
Catalan Dymonique Maxie 11 bringing hope Dymo has been in my class two different times since she started Moreau. It’s amazing how people can be the same but different all at the same time. When she started her freshman year she was the respectful, fun-loving athlete she is now but math was a challenge for her. This year, as a junior, she is still the respectful, fun-loving athlete that is determined to master that challenge. I have seen Dymo work SO hard and concentrate on her lessons and correct mistakes she makes. She is surrounded by friends but knows when to tune out the chit chat and focus on the task at hand. This young lady has brought hope through her perseverance. She has grand goals and knows that success means that you have to work hard, sometimes even harder, on the things that challenge you the most to make sure you reach those goals. Dymo has shown that nothing can get in the way of her goals and for that I chose her as my student of the month for bringing hope. So beyond proud of you Dymo!
Catalan Olayiwola David Abraham 11 building respect David is such a bright, hardworking young man who is self-motivated to do well in class. He is responsible, self-disciplined and is an exemplary student. He is respectful to others and well -liked by his peers. I look forward to seeing his continued success throughout the rest of the school year.
Karen Wang Gabriel Malik 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Gabriel is almost always the first one to raise his hand in class. He is highly concientious about his work and generally overperforms. It’s clear that he cares a lot about learrning and takes all assignments very seriously. He doesn’t do the assignments just to get it done. A pleasure to to have in class! Also has a great grade from last semester.
Fr. Bruce Kendal Beasley 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Kendal is a very energetic, engaged, bright student. In her opening presentation in class, she did a wonderful job of educating our entire class (hearts and minds) by introducing a female African-American church leader from church history.
Fr. Bruce Nolan Hatcher 10 Bringing Hope Pure energy, but with a quick wit and very bright intelligence. He asks wonderful questions and is a great contributor to class discussions.
Fr. Bruce Eisiq Cole-Shephard 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Eisiq is a very bright student. He works hard and is very interested and knowledgable about religion. He makes wonderful and very insightful comments in our in-class discussions.
Fr. Bruce Juliana Garcia 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Juliana is an eager contributor to class discussios, and a very bright student who helps make the class very interesting with wonderful insights and comments.
Dragoni Alfredo Torres 10 Being Family Alfredo on his own motivation assists his fellow table mate. He shows interests in refining his knowledge and skills in history. His actions are really admirable in that he assists others in the class who may be struggling.
Kaia Richards Valerie So 12 Building Respect Valerie’s level of preparation in class is astounding. Always being ahead of the curve, her abilities helps the learning process for the musicians around her. She is clearly the soprano section leader! I appreciate her love of singing and focus in choir. Thank you Valerie.
Mr. Ward Isabella DeRosa 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Isabella is a focused, diligent worker. She is clearly striving hard to reach her full potential, and she is thriving in her English 10 class. Isabella has made signifcant strides as a critical reader, critical thinker, and writer this year, and I’m confident she will succeed the rest of the year. Always extremely polite and respectful. A pleasure to have in class.
Mr. Ward Nishka Sharma 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Nishka is an impressive scholar who is shining brightly in her freshmen year. She cares deeply about her grades, and she also clearly cares about the longer-term process of learning and expanding her critical thinking. She produces high-quality work, is active and analytical in classroom discussions, and asks insightful, probing questions to augment her understanding of class topics and skills. Nishka is a pleasure to have in class.
Mr. Ward Sarah Lopez 9 Bringing Hope & Being Family Sarah brings tremendous positive energy, an abundance of kindness, and a respectful demeanor to every class. She is tremendously affirming of her classmates and is a constant source of smiles and support for her friends and classmates. Sarah balances a deep desire to produce high-quality work and achieve high grades with a sense of pride in her freshman class. She is extremely well-liked and respected by her peers as they truly appreciate her authentic, kind nature.
Ms. Mac Jordan Morales 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Jordan is a joy to have in class. He is incredibly respectful and kind to his classmates and is always attentive and helpful. Jordan helps his partners in labs and offers explanation when there is confusion.
Sponsor’s Name Student’s Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Fr. Bruce Wyatt Reams 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Wyatt is an extremely talented, bright student with a deep interest in spirituality. He asks great questions and contributes immensely to class discussions. He is hard working and does excellent work. Additionally, he is working as a Boy Scout on both his Eagle Award and the Scout Catholic Spirituality award.
Fr. Bruce Jeremiah Bailey 10 Hope Jeremiah is very energetic and knowledgeable about religion and spirituality, and makes wonderful contributions to our class, especially because of his positivity, joy and insightfulness. Earlier in the semester, he also contributed to my class’ music playlist with his spirituality songs.
Ana Patterson Angelyka Viray 11 Educating Hearts and Minds After a lot of personal strugles, Angelyka has not give up and keep working hard in all her classes; particularly in mine; she has been getting help and with her perseverance, she has been able to get caught up with the class and succeed in this chagenlling level. I am proud of her work and perseverance.
Caitlin Riley Jordan Ismael 12 Being Family After completing a class project early, instead of taking his “free day”, Jordan spent his time tutoring and helping other in class to finish their projects.
Caitlin Riley Brandon Cote 12 Being Family After completing a class project early, instead of taking his “free day” Brandon spent his time tutoring and helping other in class to finish their projects.
Karen Thomas Eriq Fields 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Eriq always arrives to work and is consistently on task, and pushing himself further even when an assignment is complete. He exemplifies the Mariner Mindset of growth. He constantly wants to imporve his drawing crafts and puts in the work to do so.
Karen Thomas Mya White 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Mya is passionate about the cause of racial justice and equality for all. She has tirelessly spent the last month creating awe inspiring posters to adorn the school, honoring Black Heros for Black History Month. She has combined her artistic accuman with her social activism to educate all around the school.
Karen Wang Tyler Cote 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Tyler is an extremely, extremely helpful and kind person who cares a lot about the people around him. He is very conscientous and passsionate about learning. Great role model! His grade in my class in excellent
Kristen Parker Suhani Singh 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Suhani is a highly skilled artist who has only recently shared her talents in the visual arts during her final semester. In this short time she has created stunning pieces with such creativity and attention to detail. She has shown to be a kind classmate and determined student who works thoroughly and carefully, we look forward to what artworks will come before she graduates.
Kristen Parker Isabella Guerguy 9 Bringing Hope Isabella offers positive energy and joy to both teachers and students in our room. She is energetic about her work and building relationships with those around her. It is rare to find a student who can multi-task making beautiful artwork and keeping lively conversations going around her. She has been a lot of fun this year as a true leader and role model for her peers.
Kristen Parker Sophie Mejia 9 Building Respect Sophie is a hardworking and talented art student. She has unique ideas and creative ways to complete her concepts. As a kind and young leader she willingly fills a need where she sees it in our classroom, helping out both students and teacher when necessary without question or complaint.
Kristen Parker Tabitha Aloo 11 Bringing Hope Tabby is working in both 2D and 3D art classes this semester. She is a skilled and creative student in both mediums and comes prepared with ideas and ready to work. She is a quick worker though not careless or rushing her projects. She has shown to be a helfpul friend and role model in our classes to her peers.
Tyler Dragoni Brandon Hernandez 10 Building Respect Brandon has been my most consistent student all year long. He is hardworking, offers questions, answers, and dialogue. He strives for perfection and works well with his classmates, is flexible, and adapts to assignments and learning topics as the year goes. His interest in history and social studies does not go unnoticed.
Brianna Thompson Max Lopez 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Max is a very hardworking and bright student. He has shown great initiative during class to ask for help when needed and is always the first to follow up about what he can improve on in any of his classes. It is a major adjustment to come midway into the school year and he has transitoned amazingly. Max has seamlessly taken on what it means to be a Mariner and has really excelled.
Rachel Tripplett Alex Heuer 12 Building Respect Alex looks to keep himself accountable while also being inclusive. He appreciates and respects teammates and classmates as individuals. He is very focused, determined, and he represent MCHS well.
Mary McInerney Kale Sinay 12 Building Respect Always helps his classmates and the younger classmen. Brings such an amazing positive attitude to everything he does and the students love and look up to him. He is a joy to have in class!
Tony Rodriguez Yuvraj Gill 10 Building Respect Yuvraj is very respectful and engaging. He knows how to take the class discussion up a knotch, often lifting up his fellow classmates in support and solidarity. He is an absolute joy to work with in class!
Tony Rodriguez Maeve Cassidy 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Maeve is an ideal student, one who’s hard-working, understanding, supportive, and very inquisitive. She’s an effective communicator and a true team player. We enjoy having her in class! She brings a lot to the table! We’re blessed!
Sam Wainwright Dymonique Maxie 11 Educating Hearts and Minds I’m really proud Dymo’s efforts in my class. Though most know she’s an MVP on the basketball court, she has kept it strong in the classroom, too: staying organized, putting in the extra work and communication necessary to keep her grades strong despite her busy schedule, and continuing to grow as a writer.
Sam Wainwright Andre (Chuck) Thompson 11 Building Respect Andre is always actively engaged and contributes positively to the class environment. He is friendly and welcoming to all, and accountable if ever corrected. After a recent minor incident in class with some technilogical distractions, Andre went out of his way to apologize and repair the relationship. I appreciate the respect he shows to me, his classmates, and school in general.