Students of the Month | January 2022

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for January 2022!

Sponsor’s Name Student’s Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Karen Wang Christian Clark 10 Building Respect Christian displays a great amount of self-discipline and what I like most about him is he is always asking questions and is able to advocate for himself. He’s an excellent student and an example for others. He also received an excellent grade in my class.
Kristen Parker Sabrina Vallejo 12 Educating Hearts and Mind Sabrina is a gifted and talented artist, she explores complex ideas and symbols in both her 2D and 3D artworks and encourages classmates both as a supportive peer and mentor.
Kristen Parker Abigail Surdilla 10 Educating Hearts and Mind Abigail has shown advanced skills and creative problem-solving skills for each project in our Painting Class. She is quick to learn concepts and techniques and is a positive contributor in class to both teacher and classmates.
Kristen Parker Nola Kurtz 9 Educating Hearts and Mind Nola has shown exemplary artistic skills all year as a creative and talented young artist. She has a strong work ethic and is a supportive and kind classmate to both teachers and students.
Kristen Parker Cayman Canotal 9 Educating Hearts and Mind Cayman has shown to be someone who embodies multiple artistic talents beyond visual arts. His creativity and inventiveness are fun to watch, he picks up new skills quickly and is a kind and positive presence in the classroom.
Karen Wang Donovan Madden-Watson 11 Educating Hearts and Mind Donovan is always the first to raise his hand during class discussions. I always appreciate how much he participates and he also is a hard worker with an excellent grade in my class
Karen Wang Zoey Pieper 11 Educating Hearts and Mind Zoey probably participates the most in class. She also has a great positive attitude and an excellent grade in my class
Karen Wang Mitchell Okpara 10 Building Respect Mitchell displays a great amount of self-discipline and what I like most about him is he is always asking questions and is able to advocate for himself. He’s an excellent student and an example for others. He also received an excellent grade in my class.
Brian Robinson Kellen Hampton 9 Building Respect Kellen has made a tremendous leap coming in from last semester, truly wants to make a difference in all aspects, from his grades to impacting his classmates. Kellen also balances school with sports, finding time to excel at both. He is starting off with an excellent grade in my class.
Anna Brown Jamila Mata 10 Educating Hearts and Mind Jamila discusses her outside reading with me and seems genuinely engaged with class material. We discussed The Trojan War and The Odyssesy. I was heartened to see she is such an ambitious reader and happy she shared this with me.
Anna Brown Mehek Bajaj 10 Educating Hearts and Mind Mehek’s organization, energy, communication, and professionalism around the shoe drive was nothing short of phenomenal
AJ Lee Jiaqi (Stella) Guo 9 Building Respect Stella has shown strong academic prowess in her courses. She has worked so hard and did extremely well her first semester at Moreau. She continues to impress her teachers and she has continued to embrace the study abroad experience. She is an excellent Mariner!
Dave Baptist Yeliel Jimenez 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Yeliel is a boss! Wonderful engagement and an exemplary degree of both diligence and achievement in our US History class. I think history only matters if you are looking at the world around you, and Yeliel’s eyes are WIDE OPEN. Thank you for being my student! More exclamation points!!!
Samantha Wainwright Damian Altamirano 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Damian stays focused on his success in English class, is a leader amongst his peers, and has worked hard to improve his grade and writing skills throughout the year, showing outstanding progress on his final exam essay. I look forward to another semester of positive progress!
Samantha Wainwright Sophia Thompson 11 Bringing Hope Sophia demonstrates leadership in class by participating regularly and completing all work on time, compassion for her peers by being always willing to help others in need, and perseverance and growth through working hard on challenging assignments. Interacting with Sophia always brightens my day!
Samantha Wainwright Jonnae Henry Building Respect Jonnae demonstrates the value of Building Respect by consistently staying focused in class, asking excellent questions, and taking seriously her responsibilities as a student. I look forward to her continued growth in English this semester.
Andy Ward Makaela Luman 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Makaela has been a thoughtful, positive, and always extremely well-prepared learner in her Honors English 9 class. She clearly goes beyond just trying to earn a grade, even though she has had a high A all year. She is well-respected by all of her classmates, and her thoughtful analysis of class reading has caught my attention. Makaela continues to trend in positive directions as a student as she is always striving to improve her critical thinking, critical reading, and writing skills.
Tony Rodriguez Gurshan Singh 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Gurshan has been such a supportive and influential student. He has constantly been on the front lines of tech support and curricular clarity for our homeroom. We relied on him often! A respectful Mariner, Gurshan goes above and beyond with peer support, and he dutifully leads by example. Always proud of the young man!
Andy Ward Aolanni Jimenez-Gonzalez 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Aolanni continues to shine as a steady, hard worker, a source of positive energy for the entire class, and a young scholar who always pushes herself to produce high-quality demonstrations of what she is learning. She considers class material deeply and thoroughly before responding and offering her perspective, and this careful analysis frequently leads to well-organized responses, whether in written or verbal form. Aolanni’s growth is exciting to see.