Students of the Month | October 2021

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for October 2021!

Sponsor’s Name Student’s Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Fr. Bruce – Period 1 Christian Kyle Sese 10 Being Family Kyle is always eager to learn and participate in class. He sets a wonderful example to his classmates of fully engaging and making our class feel like it is a family
Fr Bruce – Period 3 Massaih Taylor 10 Bringing Hope Massaih is always kind, upbeat and a positive energy in the class. He is always willing to be helpful and brings hope and smiles to everyone.
Fr Bruce – Period 9 Viraaj VJ Gupta 10 Educating Hearts and Minds VJ is always engaged, eager to offer ideas, and comments during discussion. He asks great questions, and is enthusiastic to learn and to grow, intellectually and spiritually.
Fr Bruce – Period 2 Andrew Placido 10 Bringing Hope Andrew is the steady, calming influence in our class. He’s always on task, always willing to participate, and always with an upbeat attitude and smile that rubs off on all others around him.
Mr. Tsan Allison Chu 12 Building Respect Allison has worked consistently hard everyday. She persists thru her tough schedule and has always been a positive student in class. She consistently makes responsible decisions.
Mr. Tsan Emma Nguyen 12 Bringing Hope Emma has always been a team player in class. Helpful to those around her and asks great questions to solidify her understanding of the material. She is a beacon of hope for those around her.
Mr. Tsan Fern Mao 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Fern has been an amazing student since the very first day of school. She communicates well, asks great questions, and is organized as can be. Academic achievement is as perfect as can be.
Baptist Delilah Sanchez 11 Bringing Hope Delilah’s perspective, as demonstrated in her approach to the events and concepts we cover in US History, reflects a strong commitment to understanding the world around her and contributing to its progress … love her comments and questions about society!!
Baptist Kyle Ha 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Kyle’s diligence is exemplary! His observations and questions about society reveal a curiosity and intelligence that are requisite for lifelong learners. Thank you so much for your work and sharing your thoughts!
Catalan Ian Carlo Nalagan 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Carlo is a hard working, self-directed learner. He is orgnanized and well prepared. Keep up the great work Carlo!
Catalan Monique Villanueva 10 Being Family Monique is a wonderful person to be around. She is conscientious and helpful. Monique is a natural leader who students look to for advice. She is respectful to her peers and teachers and is genuinely interested in making connections.
Mr. Lee Jiaqi (Jennie) Guo 9 Bringing Hope Jennie has immersed herself in the Moreau community and is doing stellar in all of her classes. She was recently selected for the Student Curriculum Committee and as the freshman class representative for the ISP Student Council. She demonstrates leadership and uses her voice to help make our community better. She is an example to the new international students even though she herself is new to Moreau. She is a model Mariner.
Rodriguez, T Aishwari Sirur 10 Building Respect Aishwari has consistently shown attentiveness to her studies. She engages well in discussion and supports her fellow peers very often. Her level of respect for all is truly amazing. Aishwari is bound for greatness! #AlwaysProud
Rodriguez, T Emma Murchinson 11 Bringing Hope Emma reflects on the past . . .contemplates the present . . . and she dutifully ponders the future. Emma is a well-rounded, hard-working student who tackles curricular challenges with deterimation. I find Emma to be a great model of bringing positive vibes, positive perspectives, and for being an example of great hope for the future. I’m amazed by her attention to detail, her inquisitiveness, and her respect for her peers. She’s so amazing!
Rodriguez, T Andrei Josh Sarmiento Viray 12 Being Family Josh has a remarkable sense of empathy for anyone who needs help. He’s very supportive and attentive to curriculum, as well as his peers. As a scholar and artist, Josh shares his knowledge often, and he’s also created works that have amazed and set the bar very high. He’s inclusive. He’s respectful. He’s a Mariner who leads by example. Very, very proud of him!
Coach Ben Mehtaab Pannu 9 Being Family Mehtaab is showing his true Mariner leadership moxie by being family with his classmates. I have noticed on several occations how Mehtaab helps his classmates navigate canvas and make sure that others know what is going on. He has a friendly personality and is a pleasure to have in class.
Coach Ben Darren Chu 9 Building Respect Darren is a great example of a Mariner that knows how to work hard, manage his time, and participate in class discussions. Darren always comes into class with a smile and works hard.
Karen Wang Victoria Niemann 10 Building Respect Victoria arrives early every period with a “how are you?”. She is always consistantly on task and a very hard worker. She is conscientous and shows great self discipline and management. She is a pleasure to have in class and an exemplar student. She also participates the most in class.
Karen Wang Ishan Kollipara 12 Building Respect Ishan consistently participates the most in both of my AP Environmental Science classes. His grades are exemplary and he often gets full scores on the quizzes. He is enthusiastic and works very hard.
Glenn Davis Dean-Taylor Chapman 11 Bringing Hope Dean is a consistently a positive presence in class. He is willing to actively participate, help out his classmates, and always comes in the room with a smile on his face. Dean is definitely a model Mariner.