Yash Jain ’22 | Research Symposium for UCSB Research Mentorship Program

This past spring, Yash Jain ’22, was accepted into the UCSB Research Mentorship program. He was one of 75 out of 3,000 applicants chosen to be part of this program (a 2.5% acceptance rate).

For 6 weeks, he participated in the research mentorship program researching under Aiwen Xu and Dr. Michael Beyeler in the UCSB Bionic Vision Lab at the Department of Computer Science. His research focused on ways to make retinal implants, which are used as a treatment for loss of sight due to retinal degeneration, safer and more effective. Yash developed multiple computational algorithms to make retinal implants safer using Mathematical Modeling. His time with the program culminated in the presentation of his research and the corresponding paper that he co-authored at a research symposium in late July.

We congratulate Yash on his hard work and excellent application of all he has learned at Moreau Catholic!

Watch the short video below to hear Yash explain his project in his own words.