Inclusive Club Workshop with 7th Graders

Eight members of the MCHS Inclusive Club held a workshop with students at St. Joseph Elementary School in Fremont. Club member, Madison Fang ’22, wrote a bit about what they did in their workshop:

“On May 7th, Moreau Catholic’s Inclusive Club held a workshop with seventy 7th-grade students from St. Joseph School about the importance of inclusivity in today’s society. The workshop consisted of three different activities that focused on a variety of different challenges many people face every day.

In one of the activities, the students wrote their name and a friend’s name with their non-dominant hand in five seconds. Students were then asked to reflect on their thoughts on how they felt and how difficult it was for them. The students were given time to reflect and we indulged in some interesting discussion. Some kids responded by saying that it was too fast and stressful. The purpose of this activity was to spread awareness about the challenges many people face while using their hands and senses. For example, blind people struggle every day because although braille exists, braille is still not accessible everywhere for people.

In another activity, students were told to think of an item and reached for the item in their backpack with their eyes closed in five seconds. They then analyzed what skills they used to reach for the object they were looking for. The students said that it was frustrating especially for those who were unorganized because everything felt the same. The takeaway of this activity was to spread awareness about the challenges people face with their eyesight and navigation.

The final activity consisted of pressuring the students to read, understand, and translate a French paragraph in one minute. When asked to reflect on the experience, the students said they had difficulties and most likely pronounced the words wrong in their head. The objective of this activity was to spread awareness about the language barriers many people face and how to be more understanding because language barriers are an important thing in society and no language makes you smarter or dumber.

Ultimately, the goal of the workshop was to teach students to be more aware of their surroundings and apply these observations in their real world, and notice when someone needs help because more inclusiveness and equality are needed for a better world.”