Statement Condemning Acts of Anti-Asian Violence

Statement from Moreau Catholic condemning violence against Asians and Asian-Americans 

It is with heartbreaking regret that we have to address yet another wave of violence in our country specifically targeted against a racial group. Over the past couple of months, we have seen a spike in horrific violence against Asian and Asian-American communities and more specifically against Asian Women. This is not only a surge in brutality but a clear symptom of the hate that plagues our nation. Over the summer, we witnessed the murder of countless members of the Black community. The world watched the clear disregard for human life displayed by members of our nation. As a society, many of us sit puzzled wondering how anyone could have such little respect for their equals. The answer is simple. These actions happen because of decades of division, internal hatred, and pure evil. However, it took brave individuals raising their voices to demand change, to demand justice, and to demand protection from the hate inflicted upon the most vulnerable members of our community to continue the march towards equality. 

Yet the same hate that was weaponized to attack the Black community is what now attacks our Asian sisters and brothers. When a 90-year-old Asian man is thrown to the ground and killed, when a Nepali Uber driver is abused and harassed, when Xiaojie Tan—an Asian-American woman passionately running her business—and seven others are shot to death, that is hate. These are hate crimes, and they will never be justified, and they will never be okay. We stand in solidarity with many across our nation, in love and support, in strongly condemning these heinous acts of hate and violence. Regardless of the color of our skin, the country we came from, the language we speak, we all have one thing in common: we are all human. We must stand in solidarity with our Asian and Asian-American friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, teachers, and role models. When you see violence against other human beings, it is our job to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Regardless of which ethnicity these actions are happening to the issue is all the same. We cannot forget that we are part of one race, the human race. As a community, we have an obligation to once again stand up and demand change, demand justice, and defeat hate against our own. To all Mariners who feel scared, worried, or threatened, we hope that you can find comfort in knowing that Moreau Catholic stands and will always stand in solidarity with our Asian and Asian-American community. 

In the link below, you will hear Mariner alumni in discussion regarding this recent uptick in violence against the Asian community. This episode will be followed by an episode featuring current Mariners reacting to what these alumni say.