MCHS Social Justice | Sock & Coat Drive

At the beginning of December, Moreau Catholic High School’s Social Justice Leadership (SJL) team partnered with Saint Anne Catholic Church Youth Ministry (SAYM) and the Youth Advocates for Change (YA4C) to conduct three drive-through donation drives to collect warm coats and socks. The drives were held in Hayward, Union City, and Danville, following county guidelines to keep students and donors safe. Through this joint effort, the group collected 2,132 new and gently used sweaters, jackets, and coats as well as 1,845 new pairs of socks, which were dropped off at the St. Anthony’s Foundation in San Francisco. This foundation runs the city’s largest free clothing program and serves low-income and homeless people and families.

Recognizing that social justice battles come on all fronts, these students realized that by combining forces they are able to reach more people and make a bigger impact than they might have on their own. Moreau Catholic’s social justice coordinator, Jerico Abanico, says that he hopes this is the beginning of a long partnership between the three groups in order to serve a larger swath of the Bay Area. Of additional note is Youth Advocates’s Tiana Day who was a recipient of the 2020 CNN Heroes Award for organizing the Black Lives Matter protest across the Golden Gate Bridge this past summer.