Students of the Month – October & November 2020

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH – October & November 2020

Aaron Calica, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman, Educating Hearts and Minds
Aaron is in my Team Sports class and has demonstrated great work and thought in all the assignments we have been doing in class. He is able to dig deeper into the questions and provide great insight into the topics we cover in class. I always look forward to reading his responses. Congratulations Aaron on being a great student in class!

Sophia Escalante, 12th grade, nominated by Juan Gabriel Fajardo Vera, Being Family
Sophia is a basic pillar for the whole class. Her attitude, positivity, and joy make for a positive and happy atmosphere within the class. She launches herself to participate without fear of being able to make a mistake, thereby demonstrating determination and ability to overcome. That is why I am proud that she has that strength and vitality. I am sure that wherever she studies she will be an excellent student and a great classmate.

Luis Gonzales, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Nichole McGowan, Bringing Hope
Luis came up with a whole new plan to use Minecraft to decorate the virtual halls of Moreau Catholic and to sponsor a build for each class for the Maker Lab competition for our Virtual Spirit Week. In this time of COVID, when so many of our activities have to be canceled or replaced, he imagined a new way to celebrate Spirit Week. He also thought about how all students could play and asked me to make several accounts for students to use that we would pay for. He organized all the meetings for the Minecraft competition and was a positive and creative role model for all students! I am so grateful for his leadership during this difficult time.

Manini Kapoor, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson, Educating Hearts and Minds
Manini had an unexpected family situation and she went to India; from there she kept working on class assignments and keeping in contact with me via email. Manini is a clear example of Educating Hearts and minds; despite the obstacles and circumstances, she kept going maintained a positive attitude. I am very proud of her.

Kirk Kinzler, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Juan Gabriel Fajardo Vera, Bringing Hope
Kirk is an extraordinary young man. I admire his perseverance to learn. From the beginning of the course, he has not ceased to amaze me with his interventions in class, not only at the content level but also respect and loyalty towards his classmates. Kirk is a cheerful and committed student. I am sure that the future will bring him a great university career.

Amber Loza, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Nichole McGowan, Being Family
Amber created Books for the Bay to replace our Spirit Week Coin Wars this year. She wanted to give elementary school students new books about diversity and inclusion for their school libraries. We collected money from students, faculty, and parents to purchase books from local bookstores, to support them while many small businesses are taking a hit from the pandemic. Amber created a list of diverse and inclusive books to help donors choose what to give and she will be putting book labels in each book from the donors. This project honors all our students’ backgrounds, gives to our local elementary schools, and supports small businesses! I am grateful for Amber’s thoughtful leadership during distance learning.

Jamila Mata, 9th Grade, nominated by Mr. Juan Gabriel Fajardo Vera, Educating Hearts and Minds
Jamila’s participation and her aptitude/attitude within the class from the beginning of the course make Jamila far exceed the objectives within the Spanish class. I am very proud of her work, commitment, and respect. She faces this situation with positivity and enthusiasm.

Abrielle Mendiola, 9th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman, Bringing Hope
Abrielle is a strong and courageous young woman who took the time and effort to reach out when she was concerned about a situation. Despite only knowing me through “Zoom” she was able to express herself and seek help and support. I am so proud of her for the ability to advocate for herself. She is truly a wonderful young woman and Mariner!!!

Ella Murchison, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson, Bringing Hope & Building Respect
Ella is a student with many extra activities, and she never loses focus in class; but the best part is the fact that she is always making time to help the community. Ella was present during our Blood Drive the entire time; with her computer, attending to classes, and standing by in case help was needed. Thank you very much, Ella.

Emma Murchison, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Becky Conlon, Bringing Hope & Building Respect
Hope: Emma has earned much admiration this month with her perseverance and communication skills.  She exemplifies Holy Cross Values every class, as evidenced by helping her peers, advocating for her peers, diligence, and accountability in her work, openness to help, and taking a leadership role among her peers. Respect: She has consistently attended office hours, emails with questions, and even uses Hangouts to send messages when needing clarification.  Emma is courageous!  She came to office hours to provide feedback from the scholar’s point of view, and she did so with respect and dignity.  

Chloe Ng, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Juan Gabriel Fajardo Vera, Educating Hearts and Minds
From the beginning of the year, Chloe showed extraordinary ability in learning Spanish. Her participation and perseverance in class make her level of Spanish increase notably. I am very proud to see that even living in a difficult situation, she continues to work with enthusiasm and motivation. 

Leya Parial, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson, Being Family & Bringing Hope
Leya is not only a hard worker, but she encourages other students to participate and not give up. She does this by example; I call her the Hero of my class because everyone is very happy when she asks questions and gets clarifications when others are shy. Thank you, Leya.

Tasniya Rahman, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Becky Conlon, Bringing Hope and Building Respect
Hope: Tasniya has earned much admiration this month with her perseverance and leadership. Our first few CERs were deceptively simple. She holds herself to exceedingly high standards and did not perform as well as she was hoping the first few times. She made sure she came to office hours and learned From those early experiences. And then she put that learning into action and never gave up. She is also highly valued among her peers for leadership. When her peers are having internet connectivity issues, they reach out to her to communicate that to me in real-time. When a peer is not able to attend office hours but she is, she graciously asks the question on behalf of the peer, conscientiously and diligently taking notes. Hearts and Minds: Tasniya is courageous! She pays attention to any and all feedback that is provided, asks for clarification when needed, and is able to reflect back on what she was thinking at the time and make adjustments accordingly. It is very refreshing to have a scholar who is willing to look back to dissect what they were thinking at the time of an assignment. She also was willing to share the scholar’s experience and provide suggestions to help increase the entire class’s mastery.

Amira Thomas, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Karen Thomas, Educating Hearts and Mind
Having Amira in class is a bright spot in the first class of the day. She always greets me in the morning and it really starts that class off right. She is a consummate draftsman and always brings her entirety to each assignment. She is also very passionate in her beliefs, and through this semester she and I have had conversations about current events, and I love hearing from a student so invested in the civics and politics of this country. She will be a force of positive change in this world, and I look forward to seeing the person she becomes.

Chuck Thompson, 10th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman, Educating Hearts and Minds
Chuck is a student in my Team Sports class. As an outstanding Basketball player, he brings great insight into our assignments and is always very thoughtful and complete in his responses to the questions posed by the assignments. Chuck demonstrates a true understanding of work ethic, sportsmanship, and to the role that sports play in his life. Congratulations to Chuck for being such a great student in class!