Introducing Juan Fajardo | JV Boys’ Soccer Head Coach

Please welcome our new JV Boys’ Soccer Head Coach, Juan Fajardo!

Juan Fajardo is from Andalucia, Spain where soccer is a source of fun and friendship. Juan says, “In the town where I grew up, there were no grass fields—we did not even have soccer goals. In order to create improvised soccer goals, we used to put down two school backpacks. We set the rules and made teams with everyone who wanted to play. Soccer became a team sport in which we were all friends. We always came home full of mud and adventures to tell: the goals we scored and those we saved as goalkeepers. Our families enjoyed seeing that soccer was making us healthy, free, and good companions.”

Throughout his life, Juan played soccer in different teams and continued to carry the sport with him in his career as a teacher of Physical Education and Special Education. Juan shares, “Two years ago, I was lucky enough to participate in a sports project in Paraguay and Brazil, under the slogan, ‘Everyone plays, everyone wins.’ In these countries, soccer is a way of life for children and adults. I took courses both in training technicians and in the development of sports attitudes in disadvantaged situations of poverty and social isolation, helping with soccer to keep our students in school in a healthy way and educated in values.

This situation is being complicated for students and teachers, but it has also helped to develop different methods and forms of learning. Thus, as coaches and educators, we are always looking for the most fun and effective way for our students to advance and enjoy the sport.”

When asked about what he would tell athletes during these hard times, Juan says, “I would tell my students is to be calm, that everything will be the same as before and we will come back stronger, with more enthusiasm and wanting to enjoy and have a good time on the playing field. ‘The bigger the dream, the bigger the team.’”

We are very excited to have Juan in our Mariner family and cannot wait to see what amazing things he accomplishes with our JV Boys’ Soccer Team this season.

Welcome, Juan!