Athletics Return to Play – November 10, 2020

Dear Mariner Family, 

After much planning we are ready to implement our Return to Play Protocol. Our official start date is Tuesday, November 10, 2020 to begin our in person conditioning workouts. These workouts are not mandatory and are voluntary. Coaches have been trained on safety protocols and will contact students who have completed the participation requirements through Appryse.

We will be starting to return to play with fall sports. Fall sports include: Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Water Polo, Boys and Girls Volleyball, Football, and Rally Squad. While programs are able to start, not all programs will begin on the November 10th date. Sport specific information will be communicated by the coaches to those student-athletes who are signed up on Appryse. 

Student-athletes will be in a Cohorts of 16 which includes 1-2 coaches. The group will be determined by the coach and will stay together for 3 weeks.  There will be no intermixing with other groups or teams. Once workouts begin, new students will not be added for the first 3 weeks. As a member of the Cohort students are committing to the health & safety of their Cohort by not participating with outside teams.

We urge you to register on Appryse as we anticipate our start. Coaches will receive the names of students who have registered & completed participation requirements prior to the first workout.

In anticipation to starting, here are the participation Requirements to attend non-mandatory workouts:

  1. ALL students must be registered on Appryse 
  2. Must submit a physical 
    1. If you upload a physical that is not the Appryse physical or more than 1 page, the website will not accept it, and those physicals will need to be emailed to Erica Escalante at so we can keep a copy on file. 
    2. Physicals are only valid for 1 year from the date of the physical (Example: Date of physical 6/1/2020, expires 6/1/2021)
    3. Here is the form to bring to the doctor for a physical
  3. Select which sport(s) your student plans on participating in by selecting “Tryouts/Activities”
    1. Selecting a sport, will prompt to ask you to provide consent to participate. Please read and scroll ALL the way down the consent form and electronically sign the consent form.
      1. If you do not provide consent through Appryse, they cannot participate
  4. Once the physical has been accepted, enrollment has been approved, and consent has
    been given, your home screen should have green check mark
  5. Signed waiver of participation REQUIRED. 
    1. Please email this to
  6. Parents are responsible every training day for taking students temperatures and logging daily through the self assessment 

We will be having an Informational meeting for Parents on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 6:00PM to learn more about the student participation requirements, the safety protocols that have been put in place, and general questions regarding fall sports return to play. 

Students will have an opportunity to learn about the Return to Play protocol on Monday, November 2, 2020 during the collaboration period at 1:30PM-2:00PM. This is pertinent for fall sport student-athletes to attend to learn about the return to play procedures. 

We look forward to meeting with parents and students on Monday,

Monica Heuer
Athletic Director
Go Mariners!