Introducing Donny Hui | Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach

We are excited to welcome Donny Hui as our new Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach! Coach Hui comes to Moreau Catholic Athletics with a wealth of experience. After 16 years of coaching at Mission San Jose, Coach Hui is ready to join the Mariner family. 

Get to know Coach Hui by checking out his interview with Riki Rivera ’15 below, as well as his Instagram (@CoachDonny) and YouTube Channel!

We know Moreau chose you, but why did you choose Moreau?
I’ve worked with many Moreau volleyball athletes in the past at my Jump Camp, Volleyball Camps, and private training, and they consistently are hard working, coachable, competitive, and good people. I’ve also observed the MC Girls Volleyball when coaching at Mission San Jose, and always admired their athletes, volleyball experience, passion for the game, and just having a solid program. 

What are you looking forward to the most?
I’m looking forward to starting a new journey in my coaching career after coaching at MSJ for 16 years, establishing a new and exciting culture, developing a program that stands for more than just volleyball, having life changing experiences with our athletes, and redefining what it means to be a Mariner.

Given that we are currently in distance learning, what are some challenges you’ve had to face as, not just a head volleyball coach, but also a new volleyball coach?
It’s hard to connect with our athletes and truly push them over Zoom meetings, especially when I haven’t built a relationship with anyone yet.  With in person training, I can really test their character and they also get to see what I’m about as a coach.  So, we’re just trying to make our weekly meetings as engaging as possible so the girls still feel like they’re growing and being challenge

How have you tried to overcome these challenges?
We’ve tried to overcome these challenges by having a different activity each week for each month.  For example, Week 1 is learning the new workout, Week 2 is getting to know the coaching staff by having an AMA with 2coaches, Week 3 is volleyball video analysis with skill and strategy breakdown, Week 4 is feedback on how to improve their distance learning experience for the next month and engaging in a volleyball coach led discussion about volleyball or life.  I’ve also tried to keep the girls focused on reminding them of regularly thinking about Logan, who is our main rival in MVAL, and what are we doing right now to beat them during the season.

How might this season be different from the seasons you’ve coached before?
The volleyball experience, interest, and support is much higher than MSJ.  We’ve had great success at MSJ, but we usually get girls who don’t start playing volleyball until 8th or 9th grade, and at the end of the day, academics is a significantly higher priority than volleyball at MSJ. We would usually get only 30-35 girls tryout for both JV and Varsity, so we had to really maximize what we had, which was actually an incredibly gratifying experience. On the other hand, Moreau will have more than 30 girls tryout for JV alone, majority of the athletes have been playing volleyball since 3rd or 4th grade, and sports is just as high of a priority as school. It’ll be exciting to see what we can do with a larger and more experienced pool of athletes.

What’s one thing you love to do in your free time?
I’m fortunate to be married to my best friend, Jami Morris. We go on adventures, have fun, and try to explore life together, but also challenge each other to grow and be better people. I also enjoy growing my company, Elevate Yourself, which is a volleyball and athletic performance training company I started. The Elevate Yourself YouTube channel is the main aspect of my business, which provides volleyball tutorials, jump training, and inspirational content with an underdog theme. The mission is to empower people to achieve their life goals by developing strong character, self awareness, hard work, dedication, and most importantly, belief in themselves.