Covid-19 Summer Workout Athletic Update

Unfortunately, with the increase in positive COVID-19 cases in Alameda County and Gov. Newsom rolling back re-openings in the state, we are halting all summer athletic workouts effective Monday July 6, 2020.  We have seen from the numerous college and university teams that have had many of their athletes test positive, how quickly cases can spread.  Although the opportunities for summer workouts that we have provided have adhered to all precautions and guidance from our local health officials, given the current situation, we have concluded this is not a risk we are willing to take with our student-athletes and coaches.  On July 20th, the CIF will notify schools as to the status of Fall Sports. That will help inform our decisions for bringing student-athletes back onto campus.  Until then, students should work out on their own at home and continue to maintain social distancing and wearing of masks.  This has been a difficult decision, and we are aware that this may have a negative impact on our teams, but in these times of such uncertainty, we want to err on protecting all the members of our community. Please know that we will continue to monitor the situation and guidance from governing authorities, and we will continue to make the best decisions we can to support the safety, wellness, happiness and success of every Mariner. Thank you, as always, for your trust, partnership, and understanding.   God bless you and your loved ones and please stay safe and healthy.