Students of the Month – February, March, & April 2020


Adriana Amezcua, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Building Respect and Educating Hearts & Minds
Adriana’s progress in my class is the result of her hard work. At the beginning, she was a little frustrated because the class is not easy; however, she has always shown a positive attitude, always participating by asking questions, and the best part… she is now helping others. Adriana’s hard work and actions are a demonstration of Building Respect and Educating Hearts and Minds. I am sure she will continue to thrive and I feel so pleased to witness her growth.

Gianna Geronimo, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman – Being Family
Gianna continues to be one of the most amazing frosh students I have. She is compassionate, always looking out for others and insuring that they succeed. She works incredibly hard, always does her best, and volunteers to help out whenever needed. She has a huge heart and is so loved and respected by her classmates it is inspirational to watch her interact with them… I also appreciate her positive and friendly outgoing personality. She is Awesome! Thank you Gianna.

Ian Gabriel Hatuina, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Michael Tsan – Being Family
Ian is an awesome student who cares about everyone around him. He is
always positive and helpful. He truly exhibits passion for Moreau and cares a
lot of his studies. Being such a great student, Ian portrays all four pillars and
is a true Mariner in the making.

Patrick Landeza, Jr., 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Michael Tsan – Building Respect
PJ is a model student for any math class. He takes his studies seriously, and is very responsible with his schedule, actions, and reactions. He communicated with me in a timely manner regarding all topics, and is always using his time wisely during class. This includes helping others out or just making the classroom a positive experience.

Yehzekel Yisrael-Kahsai, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Anna Brown – Educating Hearts & Minds
Yehzekel is a model Mariner. He always asks thoughtful, sensitive questions in class and has shown great tenacity as a learner this year. I’m very proud of him. Educating Hearts and Minds for being thoughtful and reflective and asking questions that show his deep thinking about the world.

Judith Bosl, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez – Bringing Hope
Judith Bosl is an instrument of Christ’s Love. She is a vocal advocate in sharing the Mission and Ministry of Jesus the Christ. Her level of care and respect is paramount. I’m in awe of her amazing spirituality, and her constant willingness to share it.

Cassara (Tripp) Trejo, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Bringing Hope and Educating Hearts & Minds
The subject in my class is not easy for Cassara, but I have been amazed at her perseverance and work ethics. Cassara works so hard; she never complains and always has a positive attitude. Her actions and determination to succeed are examples of Bringing Hope and Educating Hearts and Minds. I feel very proud of her attitude and work.

Ashley Gonzalves, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Phil Wilder, Educating Hearts & Minds
Ashley is a student who demonstrates the highest levels of the qualities associated with Educating Hearts and Minds. She is gifted with both abilities and attitudes that results in exemplary work and always with a smile. Her voice, both written and verbal, and vision is clear and impressive. I am also a firm subscriber of “effort equals ability” and Ashley has continuously been a living example of this quality. Her work and analysis in my U.S. History course also displays an impressive degree of empathy and when coupled with a good sense of humor makes her a most qualified candidate for Student of the Month for Educating Hearts and Minds.

Alyssa Posadas, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Educating Hearts & Minds, and Building Respect
I am so proud of Alyssa’s work, I learned that she always gets very nervous before an exam and presentations; and even though it is common for many students to feel that way, Alyssa, never complains, she presents herself as strong and never gives up. Witnessing her determination and attitude in doing only her best, makes me feel so proud, she is an example to everyone.

Justin Nguyen, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman – Building Respect
No one works harder than Justin in class. He is always positive, enthusiastic and willing to help out when needed. He has truly embraced the power of teamwork, by elevating his teammates and insuring that they all feel success. His bright smile and cheerful outlook in class is inspiring. Justin leads by example, and does not put himself forward- he is humble but confident, and a powerful force in class! Thank you Justin

Gianna Cosio, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez – Educating Hearts & Minds
Gianna is a hard-working student who excels at any challenge presented before her. I feel incredibly honored and privileged to work with her in Prophecy & Apocalyptic Literature. Not only is she a gifted student, but her heart is golden. She shows a lot of care for her peers and those she associates with. Always proud!



Faith Bruschini, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman – Educating Hearts and Minds
Faith has consistently done all the work for the class in a very thoughtful and outstanding manner. She has never been late in turning in an assignment and has worked hard to understand and communicate the information for the class. Faith is such a caring individual, and takes the time to reach out to check in on others during this trying time. Thank you Faith for being such a thoughtful, hardworking and inspirational student!

Valerie Nguyen, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman – Being Family
Valerie truly cares for her classmates and teachers and demonstrates this daily. She reaches out to those feeling down, and takes care to check in when anyone who needs help. She thinks constantly about others, gave a valentine to everyone in her class, (and the teacher—thank you) and insures that everyone in class feels a part of the family. She is hard working, positive and always offers to help out! I could not run my class without her – she brings me and her classmates up – brightens our day and makes Moreau Catholic a better place. Thank you Valerie!

Fatema Bhaiji, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Building Respect, Being Family, Bringing Hope, and Educating Hearts and Minds
Fatema is a very hard worker, she is taking honors Spanish 3, which is not an easy class. My utmost admiration is in her positive attitude. She has been a great support to the Red Cross Club and she was very enthusiastic about supporting a dance during Culture Week in order to give presence to the Indian culture. I have never heard a negative comment from her, particularly in this difficult situation we are all living. She is always willing to support and work with anyone in the class, her overall actions demonstrate all the pillars of our Holy Cross Education.

Vedant Gopal, 10th , nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman – Educating Hearts and Minds
Vedant has consistently done amazing work in class. His thoughtful and inspiring answers to the questions on the assignments demonstrate that he continues to try to the absolute best job he can in some very trying times. His answers are so thoughtful, that I often share them as inspirational messages to the faculty and staff. Thank you Vedant, for being such an amazing young man!

Vanessa Alvarez, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Sarah Ledford – Educating Hearts and Minds
Vanessa has always been a great student, but has really excelled these last few weeks. I admire her ability to overcome all of these challenges and still be able to focus in her classes. The level of work she has been submitting has been superior as well. Keep it up Vanessa!

Robert Lavigne, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Sarah Ledford – Building Respect
Robert is an awesome young man. I am so proud of how he has been working since distance learning began. He has been responsible and self-advocating for himself and getting his work in to keep him on track. Keep it up Robert!

Sin Wang (Bob) Liu, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman – Educating Hearts and Minds
Bob has such great insight into himself, his role at the school and in the world, as well as an impressive way to form his opinions and thoughts into a very inspirational story. His answers to our assignments are always very thoughtful as well as presenting himself as the humble and hardworking young man that he is. Moreau Catholic is so fortunate to have had him as part of our community. Thank you, Bob for your openness and willingness to share your heart.

Marissa Rivas, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Bringing Hope and Being Family
Marissa is also a hard worker, but her compassion to others is what stole my heart, she is always cheering everyone and telling them “they can do it” “it will be okay”. I almost got a tear in my eyes when I witness Marissa really comforting another person. Her personality makes all her peers to look up to her. She is an example of Bringing Hope and Being Family.



Gabrielle Diroll, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Luis Gonzales – Building Respect, Being Family, Bringing Hope, and Educating Hearts and Minds
She does not give up when things get difficult. She offers support to others. She has been extremely hard-working, respectful and helpful to everyone during Distance Learning. Gabrielle is an excellent member of the Moreau family.

Francisco Peraza, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Benjamin Greenbaum – Bringing Hope
During this time of shelter and place, Francisco has been on top of his school work for his Freshman Theology class. He has turned in everything on time and with great quality. His projects have hit the required criteria and at the same time shown humor and dedication. Thank you for showing your leadership of dedication and punctuality.

Jing Yang (Owen) Lu, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Building Family and Bringing Hope
I am very proud of Owen’s work this year, I understand that my class is probably twice as difficult for him since it is his third language, but he has adapted well to the class, as well as his crazy Hispanic teacher (myself). At this time, I admire his determination to keep up with the class, despite the fact that he is in a hotel in quarantine far away from us. His appreciation for our school and our diversity demonstrates Being Family, Jin is a clear example of Bringing Hope. I am proud of his efforts.

Antonella Avanto, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. David Baptist, Bringing Hope, Building Respect, Educating Hearts and Minds
Nella is killing it. Distance Learning is not easy; it requires agency and a really high degree of discipline. She has jumped head-first into our assignments and simply exceeded expectations in completing EVERY assignment since we left our physical classroom. I hope she is proud of the level of excellence she has been able to maintain. And I hope she has learned something about America along the way :D.

Emily Ramos, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kaia Richards – Building Respect & Educating Hearts and Minds
Throughout the school year Emily has been a great student. I am noticing this even more through distance learning. Her assignment submissions are always done to a high degree, beyond her Freshman chorus level, and always submitted on time. Her written responses are well thought out, and shows a high level of acquiring the information along with thoughtful
answers. She is a gem in class.

Hasan Syed Abidi, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Being Family and Building Respect
Hassan is always a happy student. He came to Moreau as a transfer student and he immediately adapted to our Mariner family. In my class, he has shown a lot of effort and therefore, progress. He came without a strong foundation in Spanish, but with his consistency and always participating, his hard work has resulted in a great outcome. He is always friendly with the freshman and I am very pleased to see him achieve his goals. I can easily see in his actions the meaning of Being Family and
Building Respect.

Elijah Perez, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Phil Wilder – Bringing Hope
In completing the recommendation for Elijah to be recognized as student of the month, the difficulty was not in his selection but in determining which of the four pillars I should select as he is representative of all. Elijah brings hope when he walks through the door or zooms into class. He exudes Holy Cross values and his leadership and willingness and ability to collaborate in
the classroom are most appreciated and awesome to behold. His leadership is clearly demonstrated inside and outside the classroom and clearly in the spirit of bringing hope. I have had the pleasure of working with Elijah inside and outside the classroom and he clearly is motivated and wants to see things to the end for himself and for others.

Jessica Lewis, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Bringing Hope, Building Respect, and Educating Hearts and Minds
Jessica is a clear example of Bringing Hope, Building Respect, and Educating Hearts and Minds. I am not sure where to start, but I feel so proud of all her hard work and effort. Since the beginning, Jessica was aware that Spanish was not an easy subject for her, but she never gave up; she worked hard, she asked for extra help, and ended up producing one of the best final projects!  I am so proud of her work and I feel very lucky to have had her as my student.

Javier Ibaceta, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. David Baptist – Bringing Hope, Building Respect, Educating Hearts and Minds
Javi is just a good dude. I love how he grins. I love how he cares. History probably isn’t his favorite subject, but Javi brings a work ethic and a level of engagement that is requisite for success in any endeavor and every discipline. He has excelled during our semester of Distance Learning, and I hope he appreciates what he has been able to accomplish during a very difficult time! Best of luck to Javier, always!