Distance Learning Expectations and FAQ


  • Instruction and learning will continue for the time you are not physically on campus.
  • Classes and curriculum will move forward with the set calendar schedule and you are required to be “in class” by having your laptop open during that class time. 
  • Monday, March 16, is a Gold Day, so you need to be awake and at your laptop by 8:00 a.m. for your 2nd period class, and then back at 9:45 a.m. for your 4th period class, etc.
  • You are responsible for being engaged during your scheduled class time, by having your laptop, books and notebooks open, reduce distractions and submit assignments when they are due. 
  • Make sure to avoid academic integrity violations by making sure assignments you submit are all yours and not plagiarized or taken from a classmate.
  • The reason for this closure is to limit contact with other people- you still need to exercise recommendations from the CDC and Doctors to stay away from crowds (social distancing) and continue best hygiene practices to reduce exposure.


How will teachers take attendance?
Teachers have check-in assignment at the beginning of class which will then be used to take attendance.

Will students be marked tardy?
If students do not complete the check-in assignment in the first 15 mins of scheduled class time, they will be marked tardy or absent.

If students have a doctor appointment, who do they contact?
Contact the attendance office.

Do students still follow the late start day on March 24?

What is the schedule for March 25 & 26?
The mass on March 25 was cancelled, so that is a regular Green Day schedule.
March 26 is a regular Gold Day schedule.

Will we have to add extra days to the school calendar?
No, we do not expect to add extra days at this time.

Will Spring Break be reduced to make up instructional time?
No, Spring Break is not expected to be affected.

Will dates/times for final exams and/or AP exams be changed?
No, there are no plans to change for now.

Should we download the ZOOM app for video conferencing?
Yes, or whatever app they are comfortable using.

Is prom cancelled?
Prom has been postponed to May 15, 2020.  It will still be from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. at the Exploratorium.  

When are guest passes for prom due?
Guest passes are due May 11.

Is Grad Night cancelled?
Yes.  Grad Night has been cancelled.

Is Senior Box Social cancelled?
Yes.  Prom is replacing Senior Box Social on May 15.

Are the ASB Elections and Class Elections still happening?
Yes, ASB Elections and Class Elections will happen.  All speeches and posters will be posted on Canvas and elections will occur through Naviance.

Are we still having the play?
All practices or performances during the time that school is closed are cancelled. The musical director and team will let you know if it will be rescheduled. 

Are our athletics cancelled?
Yes, which includes practices, games, and sport banquets. The MVAL will let us make up games up to April 18 if or when we return to school before this date.

Are we still having Culture Week?
If we have school that week, we will have videos, decorations, and dress up days.  If we do not, we will postpone the events until we come back.

What will happen with graduation? How will parents get tickets?
Parents will still get tickets at the parent graduation meeting, which will be postponed until a later date.