Sarah Ledford Strives for Equal Representation in Curriculum

Since she started in 2017, Sarah Ledford has been a leader in bringing voices of gender equality to Moreau Catholic. As a social studies teacher, she works hard to make sure students get a more complete view of history by bringing in the stories of people who are often overlooked in textbooks. 

Ledford received her B.A. in history from CSU East Bay and graduated with department honors. While studying in college, Sarah received two scholarships for achievement in historical writing. Her emphasis was in Soviet Russia. She was also a founding member and president of the Student Historical Society at CSU East Bay. 

Ledford has been a crucial part of launching out Ambassadors of Hope: Notable Women in Our Community speaker series. She was there for the original planning meeting and helped Principal Dr. Liz Guneratne and Assistant Principal of Instruction, Kristin Hannon ‘02. She assisted with the logistics of what such an event would look like. 

The idea was to do something to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment. Since this anniversary doesn’t happen until 2020, the committee wanted to join Rosie Rios ‘83 in her count up there. Rios was the 43rd Treasurer of the United States and founder of such initiatives as Teachers Righting History and Notable Women

The committee decided to break up events throughout the year celebrating both women in the community and our MCHS pillar of Bringing Hope. Rios spearheaded most of it, and Ledford contributed by creating an accompanying lesson to use the Notable Women app.  

One of the things she’s excited about is partnering with Rios on curriculum development using the app. She plans to take the database Rios has established and create a daily “bell-ringer” or “warm up” for each of the notable women. Rios will then make these activities available for teachers to download on the Notable Women website. 

Ledford also thinks it’s really exciting to see a Moreau alumna come back and be able to make such an impact in our community. In Ledford’s words, “It reignites my passion for teaching and reminds me that every single one of my students is a future change maker and one day they could be the ones to come back and speak about the impact they are making in the world.” 

She goes on to say, “My time at Moreau has honestly been amazing. I really feel blessed to work with such amazing coworkers and students. I try to observe other teachers, not only in the history department, because there are so many passionate awesome teachers here and there is so much that I can still learn! I love hearing about all of the different projects various teachers are doing and it really inspired me to keep reinventing my curriculum. I also think that part of the reason I’ve enjoyed teaching here so much is the students. You can really “feel” Moreau- It just feels different walking down the hallways at this school vs. other school’s I’ve taught at. We truly are a Mariner family/community and I think that’s the part of Holy Cross that is so special about Moreau and that Moreau does so well.”

Ledford is one of many notable faculty members in our Moreau Catholic family, and we are so blessed to have her here.