Start your…engines? – Conceptual Physics: Pinewood Derby

As part of their final project, the students in Conceptual Physics took part in a Pinewood Derby. For this project they had to design and build their own race car made of pinewood. They received kits with a block of wood, nails, and wheels, and the rest was up to them.

The students spent about a month on the project including time for woodworking safety training and trials for data collection. The Derby follows the rules set by the Boy Scouts of America and is meant as a culminating project for the students to apply all concepts and principles that they learned throughout the year.

Each class went through a similar elimination bracket to narrow down to the top four from each period to represent their class at the Championship race (pictured below). This year there were six classes going head to head and, according to Mr. Henriquez, “it was perhaps the closest races we’ve had since the inception of this project.”

Below are photos from the final competition. The winners were as follows:
1st place: John Christian Talaugon ’22 (9th Period Mr. Tobler)
2nd Place: Jasiyah Garron ’22 (6th Period Mr. Henriquez)
3rd Place: Devin Arnold ’21 (5th Period Mr. Bernardo)
4th place: Renzel Bautista ’21 (6th Period Mr. Bernardo)