Students of the Month – March/April 2019

Students of the Month for March and April, 2019


Christa Alhadate, 9th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman – Christa has had a challenging year, but always has a smile and positive attitude. She contributes great ideas to discussions and is always willing to step up to a new challenge.  She was really able to show her talents in our Karate class where she excelled. Her smile is infectious and with her positive, hardworking attitude she can overcome any obstacles in her way.

Keavi McDonald, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Peter Shelley – Keavi is a true blessing! He is kind, funny, inquisitive, and very respectful; and has a huge heart! Keavi has done amazing work this year in Frosh Theology! He has endeared himself to his peers and his journey as a true mariner will be wonderful to watch!

Antonio Bayucan, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil – Antonio is quiet but very studious – one of the brightest students I have ever taught. He reads and learns all the time, and comes to class, fully prepared and full of fantastic questions and insights. Like a sponge, he wants to learn more and more. On top of all this, he is extremely polite, respectful, caring of everyone – and definitely deserves recognition as Student of the Month.

Aiden Bond, 10th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman – Aiden is a sophomore in an Advanced Weight Training class and works hard to improve himself. He is always respectful, follows directions and enjoys working out. He holds his own with a group of pretty dominant seniors, and does not let them distract him from his goals. He is a great student and a great Mariner!

Janelle Cole, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil – Janelle is one of my most dependable students, always offering to help. She assists me in class faithfully every day, as I take attendance. She does all of her work, and provides a sunny, quiet positive presence in the classroom. It is with great pleasure that I recommend him for this recognition as Student of the Month.

Raaz Daryaei, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil – Raaz is so quiet that sometimes, it is easy to overlook just how wonderful she is as a student and as a person. She constantly comes to class with a positive attitude, completes all assignments on time and with excellent quality, and quietly inspires others around her with her quiet but very polite, respectful, caring demeanor towards everyone. It is with pleasure that I recommend Raaz for Student of the Month.

Humza Halimi, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Robert Parker – Humza is simply a pleasure to have in class. He is a hard worker who is interest in the subject; a leader in class discussions and he greets me every day with a handshake ad a sincere greeting.

Ged Mulingtapang, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil – Ged is an extremely hardworking student in my class, who does excellent work, is always on task, and is always smiling and making the classroom a better place for everyone. He deserves recognition as Student of the Month.

Sabrina Quach, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Sabrina is a great example to follow this last month; she is not only involved in the student government but she is really working hard in her classes, particularly mine. I like to see students succeed in all areas, especially when a student is working as hard as Sabrina.

Nikko Reed, 10th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman  – Nikko is a hardworking young man who always steps up to help me out by setting up and taking down equipment. He tries hard at every activity we do, and since he is an amazing athlete, is always one of the best at those activities. He makes me smile- He is a true Mariner!!!

Samina Shah, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Peter Shelley – Samina is an amazing scholar, person and epitomizes what a Holy Cross student is. Samina does her theology work with unique artistic flair! She is kind, compassionate, loyal, and someone who will listen to anyone. She is hilarious, grace filled, and so genuine! Her next 2 years at Moreau are going to be spectacular!!!

Elena Chen, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Phil Wilder – Elena is one of those students who add that “extra” to the “ordinary” to bring the extraordinary to the classroom. She brings an insight and an analysis that is awesome. Her sense of humor is also most appreciated and her smile can light up the classroom. If there were a poster extolling the virtue of “attitude is everything,” Elena’s picture would certainly deserve to be on it.

Rudy Correa, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Rudy has been a great help to me, and I have seen him helping others. I understand that classes are difficult for him, particularly mine; however he is trying very hard. Rudy is always willing to help in any way he can. During the Blood Drive, he not only donated blood but also offered to help with cleaning. During Culture week Rudy helped me organize poster boards of different Hispanic countries made by students, he took pictures of them and arranged them in the A hall monitors. Every time I need something done, he is my go-to person and I believe he deserves recognition for his willingness to help.

Devan Nguyen, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson – Devan struggled last semester and part of this semester due to illness. He fell behind, but this semester Devan came back with strong determination to end the semester with good grades in all of his classes. It has been hard catching up with all his work, but he always comes with a positive attitude and is willing to do his very best. I am proud of his effort and am hoping this nomination motivates him to keep it up. Si se puede.

Vincent Tran, 11th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman – Vincent is a behind-the-scenes young man who has a great sense of humor and finds ways to commiserate with me when his classmates start falling apart! He always helps out, works hard and demonstrates a very positive attitude. I can always count on him to do the right thing, follow directions and enjoy himself!

Haoze (Albert) Zhu, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Phil Wilder – Since the first day Albert entered my classroom in August he has continually impressed me with his attitudes and aptitudes. Every time he walks into class he will say “hello” and then we will usually have a brief conversation before class begins. Every day he comes prepared for class and is always engaged and involved. If he has a question, he will come back during office hours to ensure his understanding. I am a firm believer in effort equals ability and Albert is a wonderful living example of this attitude.

Geoffry Brown, 12th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman – I have had Geoffry in class both semesters and he is an amazing young man. He works hard, and has talents that are unbelievable. We stopped class one day and just watched him take on anther student 1 on 1 in basketball, and he was dominant! He sets high goals for himself and always works to improve. He is one of the most respected and admired students in my classes both by his classmates and me!

Pauline Castillo, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Peter Shelley – Pauline is a shining example of a true mariner: artistic, faithful, selfless, and a leader. Pauline has become a CMT ’19 superstar and someone who is counted on for special projects! She will leave a legacy of kindness, hope and generosity for all to follow!

Anne Hritz, 12th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman – Anne has taken on a strong leadership role with the JV softball team.  New to the sport last year, she works hard to improve herself, and stepped up time after time to take over a position such as pitcher or catcher, two very complex positions. She provides a calm and positive attitude to the team and is so dependable, we always know she will do her best and raise the play of those around her. She is truly a great Mariner Athlete and leader.

Alexis Thompson, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez – I’m constantly proud of Alexis and her hard-working ways. She truly has a kind heart, intelligent mind, and she consistently models support for her fellow peers. It’s all in her nature . . . there’s also plenty of measurable growth in Alexis’s academic, social, and spiritual formation.  She’s a shiny gem!

Russell Winston III, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez – Russell is a young man who dutifully takes charge in all he does. Regardless of the challenges placed before, he tackles all obstacles and produces work worthy of high praise. He’s a Mariner who is respectful and team-oriented.  A true blessing to our school!