Rhea Kalra ’20, The Future of Government

Rhea Kalra ’20 has been selected to represent Moreau Catholic as a California delegate at the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Girls State. This summer program at Claremont McKenna College is a chance for high school girls from across the state to come together to learn about the legislative system by creating a mock city. Two girls from each state are then selected to go on to Girls Nation.

Rhea Kalra ’20 (far left) with fellow DECA teammates

Rhea, an active member of DECA, was one of three Mariners interviewed for a spot at Girls State. Her interest in government was sparked while taking AP U.S. History. Her counselor, Mr. Jim Patterson, encouraged her to find an internship that would foster that interest. She has been an intern with California District 10 Senator Bob Wieckowski since October 2018.

As a junior, Rhea already knows that she may be interested in pursuing a degree in business or law. As she begins to consider which colleges to apply to, she hopes that “the experience at Girls State will help me decide if this is for me or not.”

ALA was founded in 1919 and has become “the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization.” Girls State and Girls Nation are leadership programs designed to teach young women about the American legislative system and stimulate a desire to participate in governmental and democratic processes.

Since California is such a large state, there will be around 500 girls present at the week-long event on the Claremont McKenna campus in Southern California. That’s 499 strangers to Rhea, both a daunting and exciting opportunity. Rhea says, “[I am] looking forward to meeting other people my age who have these interests because I feel like not a lot of people are interested in this stuff, so meeting people who are interested in this and know about it will help me learn a lot more. If I understand that more clearly, then I can understand the [government] positions better and see if I want to be one of those later on. I can see which one would be a good fit for me.”

If Rhea is unable to attend the event, fellow Mariners Megan To ’20 and Diana Duncan ’20 have been selected as her alternates. Best of luck Rhea!