Pauline Castillo ’19 – Mariner Artist Extraordinaire

Pauline Castillo ’19 had long assumed she would follow in her parents’ footsteps to become a dentist. Her plan was to go to college in California and major in biology. But Pauline also wanted to keep her options open, so she took what she assumed was a long shot and applied to the prestigious art school of Rhode Island School of Design, better known as RISD. To her surprise, she got in!

Moreau Catholic visual art teacher, Karen Thomas, calls RISD “basically the Harvard of art schools!” Only once before has one of Ms. Thomas’s students been accepted to RISD (Sydney Task ’18). But Pauline didn’t immediately understand the magnitude of her acceptance: “When I first saw [my acceptance], I was happy, but in the moment I don’t think I understood or comprehended what it meant to get accepted there, but the more people came up to me after they heard about it and told me that it was amazing, it was like ‘Oh, it must actually be amazing. I must actually be good at this!’ Because it’s hard to understand your own abilities and believe that you’re good at something. Getting into RISD showed me that my talent and my skill and my artwork are worth something.”

Pauline is currently an AP Art student at Moreau Catholic and working on her portfolio for the AP Art exam. She has been interested in visual art since she was young and says that she works best with gouache paints (acrylic paint mixed with water color), but has recently been doing more work with graphite. (See some of her most recent work below.) An incredibly well rounded student, she is also a member of the Campus Ministry Team and has performed in the musicals and dance concerts. Of her work ethic, Associate Campus Minister, Mr. Landeza, says, “She is humble, quiet, but a beast when it comes to her creativity!”

She also received admission to The New School at Parsons School of Design in New York and to Loyola Marymount University in Southern California with a scholarship to study animation. She is deciding between RISD and Parsons where she hopes to study industrial design or illustration. No matter where she chooses to go, we know that she will take with her the confidence and curiosity that she has grown into as a Mariner artist. Best of luck, Pauline!