Students of the Month – February 2019

Malani Parham, 9th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman

Malani is a thoughtful young woman and I admire her strength and resiliency. She has a delightful sense of humor and I look forward to our back and forth joking! Having a conversation with Malani is like talking to an adult, her insights are amazing and I am a better person for knowing her.

Dhruv Saxena, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson

I haven’t had the pleasure of teaching Dhruv, but he is one of my senators and a very hard working person. He helped so much before and during the Blood Drive and then came after his shift to check-in to see if we needed more help. Even though he is a freshman, he is a great example to others.

Mauricio Carretero, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Luis Gonzales

Mauricio has shown sensitivity to helping others in many ways and has also shown great solidarity with his classmates. In 18 years that I have been here, no one has been more deserving of this nomination.

Patricia Espejo, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Samantha Wainwright

Patricia is a role model to her peers. She is committed to excellence in her schoolwork, and stays focused despite any obstacles she may encounter. Most importantly, she is unafraid to speak up when she sees injustice and stands up for herself and others, even if it might not be popular. Patricia helps make our Moreau community a better place!

Danielle Ferreira, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Michael Tsan

Danielle is a student that never gives up. She works daily to make sure she understands the material and always double-checks her work and solutions. She is the energy of her group and makes sure that everyone is held accountable and also makes sure that everyone gets the work done.

Gabriela Lopez, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Michael Tsan

Gabby is such a delight to have in class. She is a student who enjoys math and makes math fun for all those around her. She is the glue that keeps her group together.

Mariya Malik, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson

Mary is a very hard worker; she is taking Spanish 3 Honors with me, and even though it was difficult in the beginning, Mariya never gave up. She has constantly achieved her goals set in class as well as activities in which she participates in our school community.

Justin Nguyen, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Henny Chen

Through the student learning partnership opportunity, I learned that Justin donated one of his kidneys to his friend this year. During the 40 days of Lent, most of us gave up certain luxuries in order to replicate the account of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s journey; however, Justin made a difficult sacrifice for another, demonstrating his willingness to prioritize others before himself, even when most people wouldn’t. His action serves as a model for others to be selfless and giving when others are in a greater need.

Vannya Ramos, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Michael Tsan

Vannya is such a hard worker. She is always getting the job done and understands when she needs to ask thoughtful questions. She is an important piece in her group of friends to keep them motivated in working.

Thalia Ramsey, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Michael Tsan

Thalia is an independent student who manages her time very well. She gets her work done in a timely manner and also makes sure she understands the material before she submits her assignment. She keeps her group of friends grounded and make sure they understand the material.

Anuj Sharma, 10th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman

Anuj is a quiet hardworking young man in Advanced Weight training. He gets right to work daily and sets great goals for his strength development. He holds his own in a class of strong personalities and is always positive and thoughtful. I enjoy seeing Anuj every other day and observing his work ethic!

Andres Gonzalez, 11th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman

Andres is in Advanced Weight Training and works hard every class period. He is quiet and thoughtful but demonstrates his leadership through his work ethic. His strength has increased incredibly to the degree that he is receiving “pressure” to do football next year. With his positive attitude and work ethic he would be a great addition to any team.

Leonard Hawkins, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson

Leonard is taking Spanish 3 with me; this is not an easy level, but he always works hard. He is very polite, respectful and always works well with anyone as his partner. I am very pleased to see his efforts that result in maintaining good grades in all his classes.

Bella Bao, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez

Bella continues to model her hard-working ways. I’m very impressed to witness her intellectual capacities throughout her academics. She is a team player, as well as a respected leader. I’m truly blessed to work with Bella and see her rise to every challenge.

Jacob George, 12th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman

Jacob is a hardworking young man who has specific goals not only for this year but also beyond. His talent and work ethic has earned him a scholarship to UOP to play baseball, and his sense of humor and positive attitude will ensure that he succeeds. I look forward to our daily sparring since he is taking both Advanced PE and Intermediate PE! I have enjoyed getting to know him this year and look forward to following his baseball career in college and beyond.

Samuel Lacabanne, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson

Samuel is a very hard working student; he commits himself to high standards and always participates in class and maintains those high standards. Despite a lot of hard work in finishing his Eagle Scout project, he never left his classes behind. I am proud of his overall work.

Vincent Nguyen, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez

Vincent is a young man of great talents. He’s truly a highly engaged artist with a vivid and robust imagination, and he’s also a tremendous scholar with effective study skills . . . In every way, I’m so proud of him.